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Slimming world starter pack

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Ams0812 Mon 03-Feb-20 12:35:10

I have just signed up for slimming world on Saturday but I am nervous as i am a bit confused on the concept.

Such as if i was to have pasta bake for dinner - do i have to have 1/3 of my plate as speedy food or free food such as salads. I have just bought a plate which has the guidelines needed to make sure i get the correct measurements, however it looked very small for the pasta side of things.

Does anyone have any tips or hints on how to make sure I fill myself up without putting the pounds on?


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troppibambini Mon 03-Feb-20 19:19:56

The pasta would be two thirds of the plate so shouldn't look small. But yes you do need to put a third veg or salad, make sure you put it on first rather than just piling extra on top of your pasta.
It's supposed to replace rather than be and extra.

troppibambini Mon 03-Feb-20 19:21:21

Make sure you eat lots of lean protein to fill you up but I can honestly say I've never been hungry there are some many things you can eat.

Groovee Mon 03-Feb-20 20:56:35

I love this visual for helping see how that 1/3rd speed looks like.

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