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Day 1 take 826392827 😂

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Momof2boys1girl Mon 06-Jan-20 08:56:07

Back on it today’s for the gazillionth time! Anyone else starting again today? I’ve got just over 6 stones to lose. X

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Quail15 Mon 06-Jan-20 12:38:38

I'm starting today as well. This is the first time doing slimming world. I have tried weight watchers severy times over the past 15 years which did work at the time but now I have a young baby I can't be weighing food out. So my mother in law recommend slimming world ..... So here we go 😅.

Good luck.

Momof2boys1girl Mon 06-Jan-20 15:01:37

Good luck! It’s easy when you get your head around it. So far so good for me, let’s hope I can stick to it this time x

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tallulahpineapple Mon 06-Jan-20 15:08:15

I go back to group tomorrow. Lost 2 stone since July however over Christmas I've managed to put on 12 pounds confused. Back on it tomorrow.

Momof2boys1girl Mon 06-Jan-20 16:11:41

It’ll soon come off, most of it will be fluid retention probably x

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tallulahpineapple Mon 06-Jan-20 21:49:51

Probably wine and gin lol but tomorrow is a new day. grin

TheReef Mon 06-Jan-20 22:00:05

I had my first weigh in on Friday, so almost halfway through my first week. I've got 3 stone to lose, but set a goal of 18lbs by the end of April

RippleEffects Mon 06-Jan-20 22:07:59

I'm on day one (again). Lost five stone six years ago but I found it again, mainly over the last two years. I set up my own business and I've been so busy that convenience food has seriously crept I to our diet along with regular missing lunches and snacking on crisps and snack bars.

I've not joined a group as I know what I'm ment to be doing just need to find my routine and cook fresh more.

I'm hoping to be quite strict for the next few weeks as I need to get a routine going.

Wanderlustnearorfar Mon 06-Jan-20 22:12:23

Me!! I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been 5”11 and weighing in at 100.7kg. At my lowest weight I was 74kg. A series of poor food choices under active thyroid giving up smoking and not being accountable has led to this so here I am feeling pretty determined although it is only day one tcrblush I have also started a sw Instagram account if anyone wants to motivate/ encourage one another sw_weightlossathome

Momof2boys1girl Tue 07-Jan-20 07:25:56

Finished day 1! I was 100% and only used 5 syns. Now for day 2. Good luck everyone 💪🏻

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TheReef Tue 07-Jan-20 07:58:57

My alcohol is starting to creep back in. I am syning it, but my syns are at their highest when I've had a drink. Going to try and have a dry, rest of the week, until weigh in on Friday

tallulahpineapple Tue 07-Jan-20 19:09:22

Weigh in tonight...was 13st 2..lost 2 stone in 2 months was 11 stone 2...put on abit and then Christmas has come and I now weigh 11st 11 confused
Tonight I'm having slimming world burger with slimming world chips..had no syns as yet...
Prepping for lunches for work for all this week...

How much does everyone want to lose?

I know I can do it but I need to be in the right frame of mind and I think I am lol..

Good luck ladies and men if there is any 😊

scrambledeggs01 Tue 07-Jan-20 19:48:37

I started again yesterday but so tempted to start next Monday as we have a houseful of food, chocolate, biscuits and cheese to finish from Xmas.

I've restarted a quite a few times. The first time I lost a few stone and got pregnant. Second time I lost 5.5stone but have put it back on because I love chocolate, bread and biscuits

I have set my self a target of 5 st and a small target of 2 stone by April - Easter.

I find it so hard with the kids around when they are eating chocolate and treats

RippleEffects Tue 07-Jan-20 21:02:51

Day 2 has gone well but I've felt hungry and had to stop myself a few times. Tuesday night is homemade pizzas in our house so I had a jacket potato with tuna and lighter than light mayo plus lettuce and tomatoes. White bread/ bread dough and I don't mix. I love it but it has quite a big effect on my loss, way beyond calories.

I've walked out to town and got lots of nice fruit in plus plenty of eggs. I need to get a selection of go too foods for when I've been too busy to make lunch and to stop me eating other easy to eat foods that are in the house with two energetic teens and soon to be nine year old.

Anyone else have some go too recomendations?

I'm wearing a size 18 so I don't need to look at the number on the scales to know I need to shift a fair bit. Last time I comitted to this, I became scales obsessed and at one point weighed myself morning, sometimes during the day and before bed. This time I planning on just seeing how I feel in my clothes and when they get baggy enjoy getting the next size down.

TheReef Wed 08-Jan-20 07:59:01

Yesterday was a nightmare as I spent so much time running around with my dc. But I did manage to stay on the plan, but only because I'd pre-made some leek and potato soup and put pasta in it, so when I came home at 3 starving I could heat it up.

Oh good idea about the burger, I might do one of those on the weekend

Re Christmas food, I took a load of unopened stuff to the food bank otherwise I'd still be eating it now.

I want to lose 18lbs by the end of April. I'm going on a biking holiday and if I don't my leathers will be so uncomfortable and I won't be able to put my heated clothes underneath.

After that I want to lose another 18 by the end of July for my summer holiday, that them leaves me a further 7 to hit farther

TheReef Wed 08-Jan-20 07:59:17

Target not farther wink

TheReef Wed 08-Jan-20 08:01:18

@RippleEffects I've put my scales away otherwise I get obsessed too. I'll have one weigh in a week at SW and then that's it. I'm already starting to obsess about wearing the same thing each week hmm

FamBae Wed 08-Jan-20 13:47:54

Just finished my second bowl of christmas pudding with custard today :/ (too boozy for the dog and I hate waste) rejoining my local Slimming World this evening & hoping to lose 20 lb (ish) before a traveling holiday at the end of March .... Good Luck everyone :D

TheReef Wed 08-Jan-20 14:11:23

Made my chilli chicken today to have with veggies and rice tonight. All organised for a change

scrambledeggs01 Wed 08-Jan-20 14:21:53

I ve been very good today. Going swimming tonight with the children and will attempt a few lengths

Had left over zesty lamb & beans for lunch with salad and planning pasta for dinner

Momof2boys1girl Wed 08-Jan-20 17:56:37

I’ve nearly completed day 3 100%! I’m so proud of myself 😂 chilli comes carne for tea tonight. Keep going everyone!

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Momof2boys1girl Wed 08-Jan-20 17:57:04

Should have said con carne 😂😂

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scrambledeggs01 Thu 09-Jan-20 17:42:52

Hope everyone has had a good day.
I had a very stressful day at work but being prepared with tons of food has really helped. So been good. No syns yet except a mint and some chewing gum to ward off the smell of my eggs for lunch and breakfast!

TheReef Thu 09-Jan-20 17:45:53

I've been on a customer site today which always makes it easier as I have to bring lunch

B - 3x crustless wholemeal, hovis bread with dairlylea light

L - mixed salad, 3 boiled eggs, tin of tuna

T - breakfast bowl, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans in a small oven dish with two eggs on top

A - 2x apples, procecco, Diet Coke, tea

MontanaSky Thu 09-Jan-20 17:52:15

I rejoined for the fourth and final time on Tuesday.

I lost 3st originally with SW and have gained off and on since. I weigh 14st 12.5lb so have almost 4st to lose and keep off.

When I'm in the right mindset I'm fine. I've stuck to plan since weigh in and am feeling determined and confident.

Planning meals definitely helps.

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