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January joiners crowd

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Ciwirocks Thu 02-Jan-20 21:08:04

Just a bit of a vent and wondered if anyone else felt the same. I desperately need to get back to slimming world but I am reluctant to start again this month because I know there will be loads of passive aggressive comments from the regulars about ‘how busy it is’ and it ‘will calm back down in a couple of weeks’, it’s not normally this busy etc. I might just be being paranoid but I hate it, I don’t want to join a gym for the same reason. I would do an online membership but I have always lost better when I go to the groups. I am sick of being fat and already self conscious about it, I don’t need the digs about how loads will drop out/ give up in a few weeks (I am already worrying that I will do that like I have before).

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Groovee Thu 02-Jan-20 22:09:31

That's shocking that you get PA comments. Group should be for everyone. I'd speak to the consultant or find a new group x

Frenzi Sat 04-Jan-20 15:01:29

Maybe you need to find a more friendly group.

Our group was packed today but it was fab. All us "regular" members were really friendly and encouraging to the new members.

Our consultant did the new members talk for all of us which was great as it took us back to basics and we all helped answer any newbie's questions.

coragreta Sat 04-Jan-20 15:02:52

I was a new member this week and had no pa comments. Maybe find a friendlier group.

Ciwirocks Sat 04-Jan-20 18:07:37

Thanks for the replies, I am glad this isn’t typical and you may be right about trying another group. This one is the closest to me but I will have a look further afield, I need to feel comfortable in the group otherwise I will just find excuses to not go.

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Lular3110 Sat 04-Jan-20 19:37:37

Don't worry about anyone else hun, do what you want to do and what's going to make you feel better because once you're home and you're front door is closed - no one else matters anyway.

I'm joining this month and also feel the same but I'm really trying not to even think of that because apart for the one hour a week At group I really doubt anyone else around you/us will give a s**t what we are putting in our mouths! Xxx

Groovee Sat 04-Jan-20 22:29:13

I've been at my group for 3 years and always try to make new members feel welcome. There's nothing worse than sitting in group feeling out of place x

ALittleBitConfused1 Tue 14-Jan-20 21:39:35

I felt the same but used it as reason to join both a group and a gym, but then I love proving people wrong and watching them eat their words (if you pardon the pun) ha ha.
Go for it hun. Dont let a group of strangers stop you doing something for you.x

YourOpinionIsNoted Fri 17-Jan-20 15:26:40

I started last week (Thurs) and there were no pa comments - yes it was said that it was a lot busier than normal but not in a bad way, in a more the merrier way! It was noticeably quieter this week but still busier than normal I think, still all fine.

Lost 3.5lb in my first week but didn't really start following it properly until Monday pm. Hoping for more this week.

On a related note, am going to the cinema tonight, anyone know the syn value of proper cinema popcorn?

HalfSizeMe Fri 17-Jan-20 15:33:58

Small tub of sweet popcorn is about 14, and small salt is about 10.

At cineworld the tubs double in size when you go from small to medium and then medium to large.

YourOpinionIsNoted Fri 17-Jan-20 15:35:05

Really helpful, thanks!

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