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Lunch ideas no fridge

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Ditsythespider Sun 29-Dec-19 18:50:32

Hi I’m looking for lunch ideas for work.
I don’t have anywhere to keep my lunch chilled at work and don’t have access to a microwave cooker or toaster.
I need to take in whatever I’m eating that day and it has to be ready to eat with no further prep time and can also be stored at room temperature. I feel like I’m resigned to a life time of luke warm sandwiches at the moment. Does anyone have any lunch box inspiration.

To add to complications I’m up at 5am on work days and don’t get home until 10pm that night (long days and massive commute) so I don’t have much prep time to heat things up before work either. Luckily I only do 3 days a week at work but would like to stay on plan if possible.

(I don’t have access to a kettle either tcrconfused )

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 29-Dec-19 20:04:23

John West Light Lunches

Groovee Sun 29-Dec-19 20:28:18

Could you get a food flask for soups or maybe crustless quiche?

FiveNightsAtMummys Sun 29-Dec-19 23:16:37

I was going to suggest john west light lunches too.

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Sun 29-Dec-19 23:47:29

Any reason not to ask your employer to install a microwave if everyone is doing long long days?

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Sun 29-Dec-19 23:51:03

Take a look at Japanese bento box recipes for inspiration. They're designed to be eaten at room temperature.

florriepeck Mon 30-Dec-19 13:46:59

Your employer doesn't seem to be providing proper facilities for its staff.
Can you buy lunch at or near work?
Take a good cool bag?

Furball Tue 31-Dec-19 08:31:13

You could take an insulated sandwich bag with an ice pop in and then can have pasta salads, rice salads, cous cous etc etc with no probs - my dh does this and it works well for him

scrambledeggs01 Wed 01-Jan-20 12:13:04

I used to take a insulted lunch bag with ice pack and then I just take a salad everyday. Not very exciting and prep for a few days at a time

Chelsea26 Wed 01-Jan-20 12:30:17

If you can get a cool bag and an ice pack then you should look at mason jar salads

You can make them ahead of time, they really do last for five days and you can pack a whole lot in!

Originalusernameunavailable Mon 06-Jan-20 08:41:57

Surely you can take a cool bag/insulated lunch bag with an ice pack to keep it cool? I got one off amazon for under £5.

Same with a thermos, IKEA sell them for under £5.

Testarossa44 Mon 06-Jan-20 13:18:31

I'd invest in a food flask. Make extra of whatever you have for tea and warm it up at home and pop in the food flask. Will still be hot at lunchtime.

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