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I'm overweight! Woohoo!!!

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Usernamechange1 Fri 20-Dec-19 17:29:25


I'm so bloody happy. I'm no longer obese. I'm only overweight.

I have 2 stone 9.5lbs remaining til I hit target and will then officially be in a healthy BMI weight range.

I'm just so chuffed. I haven't been overweight since my teens. I can't remember the last time in my adulthood I wasn't obese.


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Groovee Sat 21-Dec-19 16:46:21


InfiniteSheldon Mon 23-Dec-19 13:21:00

Well done

OhioOhioOhio Mon 23-Dec-19 13:26:17


Nuffaluff Mon 23-Dec-19 13:34:03

That is brilliant. What an achievement! Well done

Sprinklemetinsel Mon 23-Dec-19 13:51:24

Well done you!

ALittleBitConfused1 Tue 14-Jan-20 21:43:17

Wow.well done hun. Go you. This makes me laugh but in a nice way because I felt the same.

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