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Elbacar Wed 04-Dec-19 03:28:09

I have just started slimming world and I put 1/2 pound on the first week I feel like a failure but I'm sticking with it but feel nervous, anyone feel the same or is it just me.

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Pinkbonbon Wed 04-Dec-19 03:52:54

I did it last year, went to the meeting too for support. Lost 15lbs in 4 months. Some weeks I lost nothing though and one week put on 1/2lb too. But honestly -only because I wasn't sticking to it those weeks.

I has to keep my syns under 7 each day though. Or I wouldn't lose weight. Helps to have the meetings and see if the leader can tailor the syn limit for you.

I think something is going wrong if you are putting weight on. Change up the foods this week n see what happens.

Good luck!

Elbacar Wed 04-Dec-19 04:06:06

Hi thanks for posting. Only been doing the plan for 1 week but I'll keep trying x

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swizzlestix Wed 04-Dec-19 05:04:39

As our weight fluctuates each day it could be that that half pound was just normal fluctuation and that over the week if you had looked at all the daily weights your average has still got lower. Don't let it knock you!

Elbacar Wed 04-Dec-19 11:45:38

Thanks for that,I just expected a lose it wont stop me it's only made me more determined I think it was the change in food amount that did it.i am very strict with myself enough though it is not the best way. Need to relax and trust in the plan.

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Elbacar Wed 04-Dec-19 13:44:13

Trying some new techniques this week I am eating off a smaller plate,eating 1/2 plate of speed foods and buying some products from Iceland sw. Hoping all these things add up to a good weight loss, what does everyone think. Xx

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Pinkbonbon Wed 04-Dec-19 16:38:19

You're gonna do good! Positive attitude is half the battle.

If it helps, grapes and cucumber were my salvation throughout when I did it last time. If you need a snack: grapes. And cucumber: with one or two meals per day.

I've been doing it loosely myself the last week but not sure how well it is going this time as not doing the weigh ins/meetings. Guess I'll know in a few wks if I stick with it and can get into certain clothes again xD

Pinkbonbon Wed 04-Dec-19 16:44:41

Oh and don't stinge on healthy carbs like brown rice. Its syn free.

Best thing you can do us fill yourself up properly on that at meal times so that you don't get tempted to snack.

For me I liked to snack in the evenings so although my lunch might be half veg I'd make sure my dinner had lots if good carbs. Easier to snack on fruit during the day but come night I didn't want to be tempted to eat junk.

Getting an early night helped too as then I wasn't sat up, tempted!

They tell you at sw: don't starve yourself. Think planning is important too. That and if possible, don't buy any junk in the first place cause if it isn't in you can't eat it xD

Groovee Thu 05-Dec-19 13:30:41

Are you at group or are you doing it online?

Elbacar Thu 12-Dec-19 12:47:38

Happy Monday weight in lost 3lbs.

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Elbacar Thu 12-Dec-19 12:48:07

I am at group.

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