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Thinking of starting from home in spain

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charlottelouise1234 Sat 30-Nov-19 10:11:46

Hello! I am thinking of starting slimming world from home.... I live in Spain and you would think I want to eat all the lovely fresh food but my binge eating has been really bad recently and it's always on crap food.... tried fasting which worked but I keep restarting and then binging by the end of the day! I work full time and have a young daughter so need quick and easy meals, was thinking of doing weight watchers purely for being able to have ready meals etc but I need help eating more fresh good food - I can go days without fresh fruit or veg and it must be really bad for my body!! The only thing is we dont have many fat free yogurts or alpen lights etc here.... if anyone has any advice etc to get me started I would really appreciate it... feel like I am drowning with this binge eating and getting bigger by the day!!

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Lisbon2013 Sat 28-Dec-19 14:30:01

Hi I have a holiday home in Spain and I find it much easier to live a more healthy lifestyle when I’m there as it is easier to get fish and prawns etc for much less than it costs in the UK. I find evenings hard when I’m watching TV, but that’s the same problem as the UK...

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