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Taster evening.

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Hippychickster Mon 04-Nov-19 12:39:02

Has anybody got any quick, easy ideas for a taster evening tomorrow? Something like biscuits that don't need ingredients from 10 shops or take 5 hours to cook.

But obviously that taste delicious and will impress everyone 😂

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bossybloss Mon 04-Nov-19 18:06:39

I will look through my recipe books .

The last taster session I forgot and took grapes !

bossybloss Mon 04-Nov-19 18:09:21

SW hummus is good ....chick peas, lemon juice,fat free yoghurt, and garlic ..wizzed up together. Serve with carrot batons

Groovee Mon 04-Nov-19 19:21:54

I have cooked heck sausages and got cocktail sticks, pickled onions and will cut up cheese.

Hippychickster Mon 04-Nov-19 20:45:12

Ooh thanks for these. I'm actually liking the hummus one as it looks very easy.

Thank you

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