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Online features?

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TigerJoy Thu 31-Oct-19 11:26:36

I've been doing sw since July, and theoretically going to groups, although I hate them, and have mostly just been going to get weighed in.

Switched to online and there seems to be bugger all features or support in the app - have I missed something? Are there any chat groups or forums? Any meal planners beyond the crap one on the sw website that you can use when you're a group member?

Not sure if I'm missing something.

If anyone else doing sw online wants to chat here let me know, I need some motivation!

Have lost 13lbs so far, want to lose another stone by end of November if poss. This brings me from obese to merely overweight hmm. Should probably aim to lose another 2 stone after that.

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TricklBOO Thu 31-Oct-19 11:32:08

If you swipe right on the first pic you get a menu with lots of other stuff on (pic 2).

Also if you scroll to the bottom and click on Food Ideas & Support there's more on there too.

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