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A stone to lose

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Howdoisortthis Sun 20-Oct-19 07:52:20

I joined SW two weeks ago. I have just over a stone to lose.
I’ve cut out sugar, and alcohol too. The first week I lost 1.5lb then 1lb.
I feel a bit disappointed that I’ve been good and stuck to plan, but seem to lose so little each week.
Any tips or is this completely normal?
Thought I might try a couple of SP days this week.

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bossybloss Sun 20-Oct-19 10:11:37

Are you eating enough ? I know it sounds daft , but maybe you are in the mindset that losing weight means feeling hungry.When you are hungry, eat and then eat until you are comfortably full.By doing this you are recognising hunger signals, which many of us don’t do.

I think a few days of sp may help too, it works for me as I put on weight with too much rice / pasta.However......I do find that the odd baked potato with a lovely crispy skin fills me up all afternoon!

Howdoisortthis Sun 20-Oct-19 13:30:55

Thanks bossy - yes I think I’ve been a bit carb heavy. So am going to try and cut back this week. I’m also eating lots of fruit but not so much veg.

I do feel nicely full and am making sure I eat at regular times.

Generally feel much healthier and it’s all going in the right direction so all good I guess.

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bossybloss Sun 20-Oct-19 19:37:23

I have come back to SW a number of times over the years.I usually give up when I get fed up with the group.. very often it’s cos there are too many in the group and it’s tedious listening to everyone’s losses or gains ! This time I have found a small groups with a lovely leader Ona day that suits...SO FINGERS CROSSED, xxx

catsandkid Mon 21-Oct-19 08:37:37

I also have just under a stone to lose and have (re)joined SW. First day officially on plan today and I've got my free food essentials ready!

I have found in the past that when it gets to the last stone/half stone you really need to watch the carby 'free' foods and make sure not to take it too literally.

bossybloss Mon 21-Oct-19 21:47:13 are you getting on? X

Howdoisortthis Tue 22-Oct-19 06:36:32

Hi there, the advice above has been great.
I’ve been over doing the carbs, because they’re “free”. Particularly the SW chips 😋

Yesterday I had a delicious tuna salad with a hard boiled egg, no potato but loads of speed. Didn’t even need any dressing it was so yum.

Had planned to have a steak for tea with an onion in fry light and loads of veg... a bit of a family drama when I got home meant that I didn’t feel like eating at all. 🙈. Ended up having grapes, two babybel lights and a thick slice of white bread with butter. To be honest that’s the first time in over two weeks that I’ve not stuck to it.

Hopefully today will be better.
Thanks for the advice! x

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Tractorgirlz Tue 22-Oct-19 15:16:25

You need at least 1/3 of your plate as speed food if you want to get better losses. I found I was eating too much ‘free’ food too! Fill up on your veggies.

Howdoisortthis Tue 22-Oct-19 18:15:05

Thanks Tractorgirlz - Tonight I had steak, onions and mushrooms cooked in fry lite with peas and a few sweet potato fries left over from the kids.
Had a massive glass of sugar free squash which I find filling and then a hifi bar.
I won’t eat again tonight now.
I really need to start writing it all down too as I’m not great at that.

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bossybloss Tue 22-Oct-19 21:48:04

Howdo...yes, write everything down if you can.I have just been weighed and lost 2lb.I did lots of walking this week, wrote everything down (even though my syns went over a few times) and never went out for any meals.

Good luck x

Howdoisortthis Wed 23-Oct-19 18:34:40

Brilliant- well done!!
I weigh in on Saturday - feeling positive

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bossybloss Wed 23-Oct-19 21:49:51

Had a bit of a blip today ...went over syns , but time to claw it back ! Going to up the exercise and have a few sp meals ..still trying to write everything down x

Tinkerbellx Sun 27-Oct-19 12:06:50

I have a stone to lose also .
Hoping to have done this by Christmas .
I joined on Thursday and have stocked up .
Wine is my weakness at the weekend z Ive cut out weekday drinking for a couple of weeks now so with that and attending ( and staying despite finding it so boring ) am hoping I'll stick to this .

Would be good to do it with you all too .
How's it going for you ? X

Howdoisortthis Sun 27-Oct-19 13:07:30

I was weighed yesterday and had lost 3.5 lbs so that’s 6 in total over 3 weeks. I feel really motivated. It’s been a stressful week though so that probably affected my weight.
I did cut right down on the carbs and upped my speed and protein.

Wine was definitely my weakness and I’ve cut it out completely, I don’t even fancy it as a Saturday night treat now which is unheard of. Did have a massive Chinese takeaway last night though.

Aldi do a mini bottle of Prosecco which is lovely and only 4 syns.

I’m someone with very little will power and have never really stuck to diets, but I’m finding this so easy and feel better for all the extra fruit and veg!

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Howdoisortthis Sun 27-Oct-19 13:17:10

Oh and the other thing which might have helped has been drinking more water and sugar free squash. I bought one of those water bottles with the times up the side.. bit gimmicky but it seems to help.

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bossybloss Sun 27-Oct-19 15:20:38

I found a sugar free Ribena drink in Sainsbury’s called Winter Spice’s a BIT like mulled wine if you have it hot. ( trying to convince myself of that anyway!)

The Aldi Prosecco sounds good !

bossybloss Sun 27-Oct-19 15:22:38

I lost 2.5 lb last Tuesday so total loss towards my stone is now 8lb.Determined to get the other six pounds off before Xmas!

I actually have more than a stone to lose...but am taking it a stone at a time so following this thread!xx

bossybloss Sun 27-Oct-19 15:40:09

I have been trying to use quark to make a dessert that tastes something like cheesecake!

Has anyone got a recipe?

The closest I have got is to mix quark with a teaspoon on icing sugar ( 1 syn) ...! Xx

Howdoisortthis Mon 28-Oct-19 09:25:00

@bossybloss that’s amazing- you’ll definitely do it.
I think there’s a lime cheese cake recipe somewhere online.
I’ll try and find it later.

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bossybloss Mon 28-Oct-19 15:43:40

Thank you Howdo!

bossybloss Mon 28-Oct-19 20:44:32

I have the munchies!

Just had a low fat yoghurt, which did not hit the spot.....!

TigerJoy Thu 31-Oct-19 11:18:47

I think the less you have to lose the harder it can be. The people on sw who are losing 6lbs a week often have 8 stone to lose...

I found it really hard to get my head round the sw rules, but it does work. I've not been great - joined in July, lost 7lbs immediately, then lost bugger all..have just recommitted last week, and am determined to lose a stone by the end of November. Lost 2.5lbs last week, total weight loss of 13lbs so far.

@bossybloss I should really lose 3 stone but that just seems impossible...I am aiming for the next stone and then will see...

Tinkerbellx Thu 31-Oct-19 23:24:52

2 off today !!! 11 more to go .
Very pleased .
How's everyone else doing ? X x

bossybloss Sat 02-Nov-19 19:59:32

@tigerjoy well done for your weight loss.I lost another 2lbs this week so a total of 10 lbs altogether .Trying my best this week, but on my period so craving the wrong things.Just made some pumpkin soup and low fat jelly to snack on tomorrow!

Tinker bells ..also well done on your weight loss!x

bossybloss Tue 05-Nov-19 22:14:11

I lost half a pound this week..not surprised as I did go over my syns on quite a number of days.

Going to try my very best this week, record all food ( well syns at least!) and plan plan plan!

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