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Anyone else stay the same on second week of weigh in?

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Spotsandstars Mon 14-Oct-19 20:18:14

Lost 4lbs the first week, completely on plan about 10 syns a day. Weighing, measuring, writing it down etc etc. But stayed the same, how can this happen? It's not my time of the month or even near it.

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dorothysredshoes Tue 15-Oct-19 18:51:47

I lost 6.5 first week, nothing second week and my friend lost 5 first week and put on half the second week. I had my period due so could have been that? It's really disappointing but just stick with it smile

Spotsandstars Tue 15-Oct-19 22:14:16

Thanks, I'm completely still on plan this week to see what happens. Hope I lose otherwise I've no idea what to do!

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dorothysredshoes Tue 15-Oct-19 22:32:09

I'm had week 3 weigh in tonight and lost 3.5 so happy days! Hope you do well next weigh in

Spotsandstars Tue 22-Oct-19 07:57:43

Thankfully I've lost 2 this week! Phew!

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