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Just starting - where can I find info about foods?

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pusspusslet Mon 07-Oct-19 00:19:07

Hi all,

I’m about to have a go at Slimming World because a friend has done very well on it, and says it’s fantastic.

I can’t work out where to get the info about the different categories of food, though i.e. which are free foods, syns, etc, and Googling suggested that there might be more than one kind of dieting plan available.

I thought I would be able to get a book from Amazon, but they all seem to be recipe books. Do those books also list the categories of food?

Or do I have to join a group or the online thing to get the info?

Sorry to sound so clueless, but I can’t quite work it out blush

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pusspusslet Mon 07-Oct-19 00:22:12

Also, I’ve seen when Googling that between 5-15 syns are allowable daily, but I’ve not found out how to calculate how many I can have confused

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Sforsh49 Mon 07-Oct-19 05:16:01

You can have 15 Syns - though depending how much you need to loose you could have more. They recommend you have at least 5, but you can have upto 15. It's worked out roughly 20 calories per Syn.

Re free, speed, Healthy Extras etc and actual Syn values you'll not find much on Google etc. You'll have to join to get all the info, they wouldn't post it online for any one to access, they're a business at the end of the day.

What I will say is that it works, though you have to stick with it at the end and not go back to old habits - as you do with any diet. If you wanted to join there's a voucher for free joining fee in Best magazine this week, meaning it would just be the weekly meeting fee of £4.95.

Mummybares Mon 07-Oct-19 06:36:18

Join the group and you will get the booklets

pusspusslet Mon 07-Oct-19 10:02:47

Thanks, both. I’ll join smile

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