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Would you lose much more if didnt use syns?

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Inish Wed 02-Oct-19 17:54:23

Or would that be too risky / Unsustainable !

Also why is it 5 - 15 rather than just “up to 15”?

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babycatcher411 Wed 02-Oct-19 18:05:01

In my mind the wording is 5-15 because it’s encouraging you to use some, because they’re acknowledging that no ‘goodies’ is unsustainable.

Groovee Thu 03-Oct-19 09:20:37

They encourage you to have at least 5 syns. My friend uses hers in cooking.

I need to have at least 10 syns daily to lose. Weeks where I have had very few have resulted in maintains or gains. I have no idea why and it irritates me. So I use them to balance out the plan.

florriepeck Sat 05-Oct-19 08:13:26

A SW Consultant of mine used to tell us that we should have at least 5 syns a day to boost our metabolism.
Chocolate or whatever goes in and the body thinks " got to work a bit harder now".
But the current plan says something along the lines of not worrying about using your syns if you feel full with free food and healthy extras.

Inish Sat 05-Oct-19 11:30:33

I am trying to clean up my act so don’t want to have sugar (wine/choc) as my syn treats as I am 100% addicted - I just end up craving and obsessing and this is where it all goes wrong. I want to be sugar free for when I am done at target - and learn to “treat” myself with nutritious healthy oils / nuts syns.

That’s the theory anyway.....

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InfiniteSheldon Sat 05-Oct-19 19:13:41

I use Syns for things like olive oil avocado extra bread cheese and pine nuts in salads Jack Daniels and wotsits

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