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Fry lite alternative

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booklover164 Mon 30-Sep-19 10:01:08

What do people use instead of fry lite? I hate the stuff! It makes my food taste horrible, burns the pan and is full of !&)/

Any good alternatives? Thanks

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troppibambini Mon 30-Sep-19 14:50:25

Filippo Berrio olive oil spray 7 sprays for 1 syn. I'm not a fan of fry light either. You can use different spray oils just check the syn values and some have bigger sprays than others (if that makes sense!)

florriepeck Mon 30-Sep-19 21:26:12

I use olive oil spray ,too, and count the syns.
Had a few pans ruined by Frylight.

Collision Mon 30-Sep-19 23:09:21

I’m currently trying not to use Fry light.......I haven’t even bought any.

I’m wiping a dot of oil around a pan with kitchen paper and hoping for the best.

Groovee Tue 01-Oct-19 19:17:46

Tesco olive oil in aspray. Think it's half a syn for 5 sprays so a family of four makes it practically negligible.

tabulahrasa Wed 02-Oct-19 00:11:27

Frylight is basically watered down oil btw, with a few natural stabilising ingredients. Which is why people burn pans with it, it can’t use the same heat as oil, it needs to be a cold pan to start and never turned up as high as you’d have oil.

Groovy company coconut spray is also free, and Morrison’s and Aldi own brand versions of frylight... but they’re all watered down oil, so you’d have to cook cooler with those too.

SlothRunner Sat 05-Oct-19 22:10:47

I use groundnut oil in a mister type spray bottle. Dont bother synning it, it uses so little

TigerJoy Thu 31-Oct-19 11:23:04

I've tried a number of things. The Filippo Berio is one option but doesn't mist well. I bought an expensive mister for normal oil, and that's crap too.

Mostly I just syn the oil. 1 tsp to fry eggs isn't that bad, 1 tbsp between 2 for pasta sauces. I use 1tbsp to fry veg for chilli / bolognese that makes 8 portions and don't even syn it at that point.

I think we all need a bit of fat for our health, and having some makes meals taste better and feel more satisfying. I'd rather have 2-3 syns in my lunch and dinner and cut down on the chocolate (but you can still have some!)

InfiniteSheldon Sat 02-Nov-19 17:37:10

There is no artificial shite in frylight it burns your pans if you use it on too high a heat.

DrinkSangriaInThePark Sun 15-Dec-19 08:44:38

I just rub a small bit of good Olive oil on the pan and forget about it! Never had a problem losing the same amount of weight as when I used Frylight. I just don't trust all those additives and chemicals.

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