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Best Undies for Big Girls

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Chstr Mon 23-Sep-19 15:18:14

I am really struggling with this and would appreciate your experiences.

I was a size 24 but lost 2 stone and dropped a dress size. My knickers have started falling down under my trousers so I really need to buy new. I've been wearing big granny knickers (supermarket brand) since my caesarean section 13 years ago but a mixture of my scar and the weight has left me with a big saggy tummy.

I'd love to go for something a bit skimpier but I'm not sure if that would work with my tummy. Please help!

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Groovee Tue 24-Sep-19 18:59:06

I found trial and error but I love Sainsbury's and I find full briefs work with my tummy sag post weight loss.

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