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Healthy Extras - 2 A choices?

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Sforsh49 Mon 23-Sep-19 20:25:34

I used two WW wraps yesterday, one as my HEB and the other I synned (6). I weighed my mozzarella 100g so my two HEA and used tomato purée and made two pizzas. Felt like a complete treat and just 6 syns!!

Littlepond Mon 23-Sep-19 17:26:57

Thanks for the replies. Two A choices is brilliant, so much cheese! I made a lovely pasta dish with reduced fat mozzarella, tomato purée and oregano - tastes like pizza. Now I can have twice as much cheese if I am having one of those days...!

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Bibidy Mon 23-Sep-19 14:44:55

I love having 2 HEX As, if I didn't have that my HEX A would always just be milk for my tea!

I have been having 250ml semi-skimmed milk and then usually cheese for my 2nd choice. Either some cheddar for a jacket potato, or light babybels (you can have 3, although I usually just have 2), which I either eat as snacks of melt into an omelette for dinner.

Sforsh49 Sun 22-Sep-19 22:18:11

Yes there's 2 HEA now. I've had both today but only one the last two days. You don't have to have it. My leader said it's to do with menopausal women and women in general not getting enough calcium. Some days I have it some I don't and my weight loss is ok. I did it years ago where you got 2 B choices I wish they'd bring that back!!

Groovee Sun 22-Sep-19 21:16:04

Calcium has been proven to aid weight loss. But some people say it's because yoghurts are synned. I have mixed experiences with having 2 choices. I'll lose well for 2 weeks, then a big gain. So I tend to mix and match if I want 2 or not.

Littlepond Sun 22-Sep-19 15:46:56

I’ve restarted SW after a while away - I’m not officially rejoining as I can’t really afford it, just trying to remember the principles and do what I can at home!

Googling tells me that you are now “allowed” two HexA choices? Can anyone explain this to me - is it an optional second choice if you really need it? Do you reduce syn intake? Where has the extra allowance come from - surely if I’m adding more calories to my day I have to pull some back from somewhere else?

Any help much much much appreciated, I really want to make this work (and I really love cheese so two HexA could be amazing!!)

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