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Slimming world and PCOS

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HironsBirons Thu 19-Sep-19 09:57:20


I’ve recently been diagnosed with pcos as I’ve been trying to get pregnant and failing. I’ve been advised to lose some weight to help with symptoms, and to receive treatment from the fertility clinic. Has anyone here successfully lost weight with sw with pcos? I tried the diet years ago and absolutely hated it, however I used to have great success with weight watchers, but since they’ve changed the plan it’s no more. I’d be interested to hear your experiences.
Thanks smile

Missingmemarbles Fri 20-Sep-19 09:19:25

I have pcos, SW works well for me. I've lost 3 stone this year. I don't lose weight fast, but it's steady, particularly if I don't go mad on carbs. Good luck.

dorothysredshoes Wed 09-Oct-19 09:36:29

I've got pcos. Lost 5 stone on SW. creeping back on so having the rejoin. It's a constant struggle to keep weight off for me. Good luck!

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