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Help me stop my downward spiral

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AccioCoffee Sun 15-Sep-19 11:35:04

I was doing well in my first month of SlimmingWorld and lost 7lb. Then my dp suggested a Chinese and that caused 6 days of unhealthy eating. I've put 3lbs back on so far. So disappointed in myself and wondering why I always do this it's like self sabotage.

Any advice on how to stop a reign it in

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Beechview Sun 15-Sep-19 11:39:14

The only thing that helps me out of a eating rut like that is fasting for a bit.
I’ll fast til midday so skip breakfast. Have a healthy lunch with low carbs then fast til dinner.
I think it’s all connected to getting your insulin back under control.
Watch dr Jason Fung on YouTube. He makes a lot of sense.

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