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What is your leader/group like?

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LaDrem Tue 20-Aug-19 19:10:10

I've joined for the third time blush

Group 1- leader had far too many people so it was all very rushed. Group was massive and as such it was very impersonal. I hated staying to group as it was just a tick list of who had gained and lost, no time for real encouragement/celebration or advice. Was a rather cold experience to be honest.

Group 2 - tiny group! Only 10 of us. Lovely as we had time to share actual tips that were useful! Nice bubbly leader but she left suddenly.

Group 3 - only been to one session but members kept mentioning how it was the best group they had been to because other groups were "clicky". They felt this group really was like a family. Medium size, leader seems nice.
It didn't feel any better than the other groups I've been to though...I don't particularly need a "family" though so maybe that's why.

So what's your experience??

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Groovee Tue 20-Aug-19 19:59:44

I'm at the same group but a different consultant.

It's always been a friendly group. Not massive but gets busy 4 times a year. Feels like a family x

Mrscsince06 Thu 29-Aug-19 10:20:19

I’m on week 5 of SW. I’m really quite socially awkward but I pushed myself to join social team when an advert went out.

It’s taken 5 weeks but I’m not sitting on my own any more. Wich is fab. The group of us that stay usually 15-20 there was only 12 last night and 4 of those were social team.

I wouldn’t say a family and I don’t have anyone’s number yet but they are nice people and are definitely no holds barred with the tips and tricks.

My consultant is really lovely and down to earth which really helps.

FreckledLeopard Thu 29-Aug-19 10:27:20

Glad you posted this thread. I went to a group when I used to live in London that I really loved. Funny consultant (male), witty women, good size. Then I moved and stopped going.

Since moving to a new city (Bristol), I've found it impossible to find a group I like. The local one I first joined is awful. The consultant is fake, unhelpful (refused to give me food diaries and told me to print them off the internet) and the numbers going dwindled to nothing. I joined a new group recently (think this has replaced the other group which is no longer running at the times it used to) and again, there are only 2 or so people attending, the leader is pretty awful and I rock up, get weighed and then scarper.

I really miss a good group. I find it hard to stay motivated without staying on after the weigh-in, but when there are so few people and the consultant just comes across as gormless and dull, then it's very demoralising.

JaceLancs Thu 29-Aug-19 22:32:09

Friendly n supportive group which I’ve stayed with for 2+ years
Now on our 5th consultant who is not going down well - doesn’t feel like her heart is in it, not very motivating or inspirational
People are leaving in droves

thepinkp Sat 07-Sep-19 09:01:08

When I first joined slimming world I had a male group leader, first impressions where 'erm a man telling me I'm fat' 😱 he turned out to be very inspirational and I hit my target weight within 6 months. Fast forward 2+years and a little of the weight crept back on so I found another group local to me.. the leader was so full of herself I found it so off putting!! Anyway to my delight she left suddenly and was replaced with a lovely funny lady who I enjoy seeing weekly. The group is supportive and welcoming and the weight is coming off gradually. Sometimes it's about finding the right bunch 😉

iamyourequal Sun 08-Sep-19 20:20:46

I was a member of SW this time last year and the leader was very overweight. I am afraid I found this really off-putting and it’s a large part of the reason I stopped going. The other reasons were: I didn’t know anyone there and didn’t find the group very friendly, but rather cliquey; I thought the focus of discussion was often how to maximise the amount we could eat all the time, which I found counterintuitive; I lead a very busy life and didn’t want to sacrifice over an hour a week to hear about making a delicious pudding from sugar free jelly and fat free yoghurt (yuk) or, the worst culinary crime ever - macaroni cheese made with cottage cheese . I don’t think SW group is for me, but do admire those who lose on it.

DownstairsMixUp Sun 08-Sep-19 22:42:18

All the ones I tried felt like a Marjorie Dawes sketch from little Britain so I gave up and did it online and used Instagram SW accounts to follow. Really encouraging and better that way.

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