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Rejoined this week

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OpenYourEyes Wed 31-Jul-19 11:21:47

I am back at slimming world, I got to target about 5 years ago but have slowly ended up bigger than ever.

On holiday I had to deal with my thighs rubbing together, it was awful so the day after we got home I joined back.

How is everyone else getting on, what are your losses so far, favorite recipes?

Inspire me please - 2st 6.5lb to lose.

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Groovee Wed 31-Jul-19 21:15:52

I lost 5.5st and have maintained my loss for 16 months now.

Cheeseburger Pasta is a favourite from Slimming eats. Or Paprika Pork from the SW recipes.

Come over to the support thread if you want to join more in chatting x

OpenYourEyes Wed 31-Jul-19 21:47:15

Paprika pork sounds delicious. I will have a look for the support thread and join in grin

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Bluebird797 Sun 04-Aug-19 14:54:34

I rejoined yesterday open. I'm currently doing a shedload of batch cooking to try and get me through the first week

Time4change2018 Sun 04-Aug-19 17:07:22

I rejoined yesterday for the millionth time... All my home changes are making me determined to loose the weight I've gained from comfort eating and also want to cook more for myself and save money.
Was gifted the pinch of nom book, lots of inspiration.

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