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Doing it at home

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Blondeshavemorefun Thu 11-Jul-19 00:02:28

Also doing it at home as work different nights so would find it hard to go to same regular meeting

I know what to do .........

Started last fri so first at home wi is Fri. Be nice to lose eons eight lol

Ideally 5stone off but be happy with 2 to start of with

I did a post about what we eat daily to give me and others ideas of different things to try

Inkythemouse Wed 10-Jul-19 20:17:49

I started in February but have spent most of June having cheat days 🙄
Instagram is really good for inspiration.
I think the hardest step is actually starting it's amazing how quickly it all becomes 2nd nature.

entirelyLIFE Wed 10-Jul-19 20:11:39

Awesome. I hope you get it too!! I love slimming world and the feeling of losing weight and looking better. Just wish I stick to it when I lost the weight before. Now I have so much more to lose. I'm on insta so im keeping my eyes open for ideas and recipes, especially deserts!! smile how long has it taken you to lose this much weight so far? Xx

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Inkythemouse Wed 10-Jul-19 20:02:26

I'm doing slimming world online but find I hardly look at the official website anymore. I get most of my recipes and ideas from Facebook groups and Instagram.

I'm hoping when I will get my 2 stone award tomorrow when I weigh in

entirelyLIFE Wed 10-Jul-19 19:45:10

Hi everyone,

Started doing slimming world at home. I used to attend a group where I successfully lost 4 stone in 9 months. But I have added the weight back on, plus some!! I'm so miserable unhappy. Lifestyle, work, kids etc.. can sometimes cause unexpected or planned events and there are times I couldn't attend group and I struggled with this. I'm pretty much all or nothing so decided I need to do it at home. I can't be doing with sometimes being able to attend group and sometimes not.

I'm looking for some inspiration, advice, food ideas etc and would be very grateful.

Currently weighing 21.7 stone and need to be at around 14 stone. HELP!!

Thanks everyone

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