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Slimming world with 2 under 3

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18875hulu Sat 30-Mar-19 20:05:16

I'm due to give birth to DC 2 in August and I'll be starting slimming world when I'm recovered.

I'm really unhappy with my weight and how it effects my life in general and I just want to prepare fully, no more excuses.

I will have two young children both under the age of 3 and I'm wondering how other parents do it.

I barely have the energy to pack a breakfast and lunch for myself for work and end up buying from the canteen or fishtail sandwich in the morning.

Does anyone have any advice on how they lost weight with young children to look after and demands of a full time job?

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18875hulu Sat 30-Mar-19 20:17:46

I didn't mean to write fishtail sandwich confused

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OwlinaTree Mon 01-Apr-19 22:30:51

I started SW when my second was 6 weeks old. I had gained so much weight with the pregnancy, I'm guessing due in part to working full time and looking after a 2 yo, feeling shattered all the time and just eating rubbish.

It was easier than when I was Pg, as I wasn't working, so although life is busy with a toddler and a baby, as long as I had the right food in I could always make myself something suitable, omlette or scrambled eggs for breakfast, or do overnight oats if I needed to be somewhere in the morning. Cafe stops were ok as I could have a jacket and I had extra hexa due to breast feeding too, so coffees were ok. My DH usually cooks in the evenings anyway, so that was ok, he cooks healthy stuff.

Going back to work is just organisation really. Breakfast and lunch sorted in the evening when kids in bed, do a decent shop with a list so you've got everything you need for the week.

I'd honestly say being Pg and working with a toddler was harder than having two of them. Good luck!

HoneysuckIejasmine Mon 01-Apr-19 22:33:20

I've lost almost 100lbs with two under 3 (eldest just turned 3). But I don't work. I've been pretty careful with salads and soups - no reason you can't pack them and take them will you. I batch cook soups and freeze them, then just chuck the frozen block in to heat up.

dreamyflower Tue 02-Apr-19 19:30:43

I'm currently doing sw with.2 under 2. Key is meal planning. I plan breakfast, lunch and dinner so I don't have to think. I often cook extra so will eat for lunch next day. Slimming world seems to lend itself to being good toddler food so we all eat the same (apart full my 5 month old!). If I'm knackered then i cook omlette. You can do it 😊😊

dreamyflower Tue 02-Apr-19 19:32:11

Just read you will be going back to work- cook more portions the night before. Last night I cooked a pasta bake and had leftovers for lunch but they could easily be put into a lunchbox and eaten cold.

18875hulu Tue 02-Apr-19 21:30:52

Thank you for advice everyone. It seems like such a huge mountain to climb as I have over 7 stone to lose and can't begin to imagine how that's going to happen with life being as tiring as it is. I have suffered from pregnancy tiredness like nothing I have ever felt before this time round and I'm petrified it's just the new me and I won't be able to meal plan and cope well with it all.
I'll be at home for 9 months before I go back to work so I can make use of the omelette and cooking lunch.
And yes omelettes are great toddler food and something mine will actually eat so that's a winner.

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dreamyflower Tue 02-Apr-19 21:58:52

Just read you will be going back to work- cook more portions the night before. Last night I cooked a pasta bake and had leftovers for lunch but they could easily be put into a lunchbox and eaten cold.

rooella Wed 03-Apr-19 16:00:01

No advice re diet as I'm just about to start but wanted to say I also suffered badly from tiredness in my second pregnancy. It was a fatigue I'd never felt before. As soon as baby born I felt like myself again, it was so bizarre but I hope the same happens for you.

18875hulu Wed 03-Apr-19 16:40:05

@rooella I really hope it goes away, I actually feel chronically unwell, and my heads a mess too as I'm so tired I can't think straight. It's scary!

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rooella Wed 03-Apr-19 21:31:11

I was exactly the same, it's awful. I honestly thought I was going to feel that way forever and I felt like a terrible Mum to my older dd. As soon as baby arrive I felt 'normal' and even with the newborn fog I didn't feel anywhere near as bad. Have you had your Hb checked?

18875hulu Wed 03-Apr-19 21:46:39

Yes I had that and iron levels checked and everything is normal. I even rang the midwife in tears one day because I felt so exhausted. I thought something bad was happening but she reassured me it wasn't! So knowing that I have all this weight to lose and feeling like I'm going to be this tired after the baby is here has filled me with dread confused

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coffeecoffeecoffee4 Sat 06-Apr-19 11:14:41

I've got a 2.5yr old and a 1yr old. I continually tell people I wouldn't of survived the early days without my crockpot. Best money I've spent! I use it most days. Loads of SW friendly recipes on Pinterest. Try not be too hard on yourself in the early days though. It's such an emotional time. Try think ahead best you can, fill up on the good stuff but save some syns for the evening with a cuppa. Good luck!

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