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Unsupportive Consultant

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Applejack87 Sat 30-Mar-19 10:28:28

Hi , just wanted to ask is your consultant supportive ? I’ve just stopped Sw after a failed 12 week count down
A few times I sent a text to my consultant but she never replied I fully understand that she might be inundated with messages but maybe even a text of acknowledgement would be nice
The group is a large one and every week she looks to busy to approach
My previous consultant was fantastic and was always available to discuss any questions sadly she changed location which is too far for me to travel to

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Groovee Sat 30-Mar-19 11:06:08

I found my first consultant like that. We could only text between 9-5 M-F and woe betide you if you text outside these times.

My current one is amazing. Nothing is ever a bother.

FoofFighter Sat 30-Mar-19 12:38:32

What do you mean a failed 12 week countdown?

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