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Does this day sound ok?

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florriepeck Wed 13-Mar-19 15:26:57

Sounds like nice food, but it wouldn't be anywhere near enough for me!
I couldn't miss lunch.

MontanaSky Wed 13-Mar-19 14:00:27

I'm following Slimming World and averaging 2lb loss a week.
I have breakfast, lunch and tea and 2 snacks in between.
I'm also drinking 2litres of fluid each day.

If you're losing then stick with what you're doing but honestly, I'd be hungry if that were my food for the day

Dulcedelecherocks Wed 13-Mar-19 13:59:33

I'm not a SW expert as it's been a while since I did it but I believe it's a good idea to eat more or the super slimming foods such as fruit and veg. Your day seems ok but I would not use 6 syns on sauce (nothing wrong with that though!) - I would just add more greens if I were you.
Having said all that if you're losing and you're happy then who cares!

Groovee Wed 13-Mar-19 13:52:24

It's 40g of porridge for a HEB choice.

I'm so greedy as I'd need a lunch but if you are losing and you aren't hungry.

JenMumma Wed 13-Mar-19 00:08:32

When I grow up.... I wanna be just like you grin

Slippiepippie Tue 12-Mar-19 23:58:38

Breakfast- 35g porridge oats with hex a milk and a banana

Snack a small handful of grapes and a viscount biscuit 3 syns

2 coffee with sweetener and hex a milk

Dinner was boiled rice with chicken peppers onion lettuce tomato sweetcorn and light cajun mayo 3 syns

Have been on SW since january but on and off. Really need to notch it up a bit cause off on hols in june. Have about 2 stone or 3 id like to lose.

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