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Slimming World or Weight Watchers

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MissKenton Sun 10-Mar-19 19:19:06

I don’t need to lose a large amount of weight, 10lbs or so but am struggling to do it alone so I thought I’d join WW or SW. I understand that SW has lots of free foods which includes carbs which scares me because I can eat a tonne of carbs and worry I might gain weight.

Has anyone done both and if so, did you have a preference? I’m ok with weighing out foods etc and quite like a defined amount of what I can have.


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00100001 Sun 10-Mar-19 19:26:08

Mostly it depends on if you want to weigh/measure most things or not they're very similar plans just executed differently.

SW has free and "speed" foods, tat you eat freely whilst adhering to the 1/3 speed in your plate and listen to your body and stop when you're full. And you have 15 points (Syns) to spend in things like crisps, chocolate, etc

WW gives you asset amount of points per day. And you count everything (some are 0). And you can "earn" extra points through exercise.

Basically they both work, IF you stick to the plan.

OwlinaTree Mon 11-Mar-19 21:55:27

I've done both, did ww around 2009/10. On SW now.

I found WW a bit of a pain with all the weighing and working out points. So for eg if you make a chilli you need to work out the points in the mince, beans, oil, then divide it by the number of portions you get. With SW all that stuff is free so it's easier when you cook.

With WW (when I did it) fruit had points, so I never ate bananas for eg, as I could have a bag of crisps for the same points. In SW, the fruit is free so there's more encouragement to eat healthy. You can only eat a limited amount of 'crap' with SW, regardless of how much healthy food you eat. I found with WW I would eat less healthy stuff so I could save points for treats!

On the other hand, WW does teach you portion control better I feel. I still eat a WW portion of rice or pasta with my meals!

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