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Just got a Pressure Cooker and I'm scared of it! Help!

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glutten4punishment Thu 07-Mar-19 12:39:14

So, just started back on SW last Friday.

Decided to buy a pressure cooker which I was very excited about. But I've realised I'm too nervous to actually use it!

Can you really just lob all of a meals ingredients in in one go? When ordinarily you'd have to add ingredients bit by bit or cook each food for different lengths of time etc?

For the SW Bolognese for example: can all the veg go in at the same time as the mince (close the lid and your done)? And does it work with FryLite instead of oil?

It also has a slow cook setting (as well as many others) - it's the Pressure King Pro.

Please help me make sense of this magic gadget! I want it to be my friend!

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