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GrumpySausage Thu 07-Mar-19 08:32:57

I was the same. Initially lost a fair bit but then plateaued.

I found the only thing that helped me lose was being really strict on getting speed food into my meals. I was always a bit dismissive about it as long as I wasn't scoffing my usual crap but it did make a difference.

Garthfield Thu 07-Mar-19 08:17:39

@1966HS can you share what a typical day of eating is like for you currently, please?

1966HS Wed 06-Mar-19 09:55:10

I am trying to lose some weight-not joined SW but doing it on my own.. have done well since January 1st- have lost 8 pounds but am at a standstill now- i exercise 4 times a week and have not had any chocs, alcohol, rice, chappattis , alcohol or choc and crisps since Jan 1st
is it because now i am eating the same foods every day- week?
all the foods i am eating are on the SW booklets..please

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