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Whitworth semolina slimming world syns

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rainbowkids Thu 28-Feb-19 11:05:29

Please can anyone tell me the syns in homemade Whitworth semolina made with blue lid milk and no sugar please?

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florriepeck Thu 28-Feb-19 13:28:44

25g of Whitworth's dry semolina is 4 syns.
Blue lid milk ( whole milk) is 200ml for an a choice, or count 6 syns.
You can have two a choices.
You have given me an idea for a pudding: not had semolina pudding since school dinners, around 1972!

rainbowkids Thu 28-Feb-19 13:57:42

Thank you so much florriepeck. Neither have i so i bought a box and made myself a 50g pot full. That's still within syn and a choice. I'm so excited as now i know I'm allowed this and it won't effect my weight loss. I love the stuff.

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florriepeck Thu 28-Feb-19 14:41:51

That's exactly what syns are there for: to use on your favourite foods, so that you don't feel deprived, and your weight loss is protected.

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