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HELP! Downward spiral since last weeks weigh in!

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Kitkat369 Wed 27-Feb-19 15:02:08

Since being on slimming world 2016 I’ve lost a fair bit of weight but last year I’ve not been consistent so gained too whilst still going to SW.

Anyway this year stroke of midnight and I made a conscious effort to stick to plan, which I’d been doing and losing most weeks if not maintaining.

But last Sats weigh in has knocked me for six, despite eating within means and syns I gained 2lbs! And I’ve been down since and eating SW style has sort of gone out the window. I wake up with good intention but then just think to hell with it. Today I had planned to be SW after few days bender (Cadbury crime eggs!!!) but I’ve now scoffed two big bowls of homemade spag bol and had magnum given sunny weather, anothercreme egg and more choc. This time I’ve said that I can be good from 1st March. I’ve even asked my sw consultant to book me as holiday this week as can’t bare to find out how much I’ve gained for cost of a fiver!

I’m so ashamed and really hope I can get back in control. I’m just feeling rotten 😞

How can I bounce back?

Groovee Wed 27-Feb-19 16:05:23

I found switching HE's and syns about from my regular choices helped. And then meal planning every meal got me back on track. I've also learned not to come home and eat everything after a crap weigh in. I make a point of coming home and prepping myself so drawing up my menu, thinking of new recipes to try.

Kitkat369 Wed 27-Feb-19 16:18:26

I still use a food diary and try write out my day but still went to pot. Usually after weigh in I’ll have breakfast ready. I think it’s just disappointment of doing SW with good intentions and yet gaining. Illl just have to try harder I guess.

Groovee Wed 27-Feb-19 16:32:54

I've had lots of disappointing gains as well as unexpected ones which have always come off the next week x

Candace19 Wed 27-Feb-19 18:25:26

I had a week where I maintained (after a couple of weeks @ 3lbs each) and it really demotivated me as I was trying sooo hard. I I decided to have Chinese takeaway on Saturday night. Sunday morning weigh in & I literally gained 4lb overnight !!!
Monday weigh I shifted 2lb, Wednesday 2 lb more & Friday 2 lb again. Must have been water weight. But I was determine to ride it out & not give up. Your desire to succeed needs to be stronger than your want to give up. Keep going! 😀

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