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What could I take to work for packed lunch?

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TheLuckyMrsPine Sat 19-Jan-19 21:30:27

Have just signed up online tonight. Have a stone and a half to lose.

Quite confused but trying to get my head around it all.
BUT what can I take to work as a packed lunch. I work in various places/ mobile but will have access to a microwave.

Please suggest something!
Thank you

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GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sat 19-Jan-19 21:32:39

Salads, soups, crustless quiche, eggs, left overs from dinner

Plain yoghurt
Veg sticks

Dyingforchocolate Sat 19-Jan-19 21:36:45

Salads, jacket potato, leftovers from dinner, soup.

I started last week and lunch is the thing I'm struggling with most too! I use my b choice mostly for breakfast so can't really have a sandwich or anything for lunch

booellesmum Sat 19-Jan-19 21:41:05

Weetabix in a Tupperware container and milk in a flask.

TheLuckyMrsPine Sat 19-Jan-19 21:41:14

I think dyingfor I have found loads of recipes online for dinner but have been panicking about moving away from sandwiches.

Am also worried about how long some of the evening meals will take. I do always cook from scratch but rather speedy and carby dinners.

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Groovee Sun 20-Jan-19 06:26:37

I have left overs from the night before or egg muffins with salad, cold meat salads in summer. Soup.

I found a lot of the recipes I use take 30 minutes or less so when I used to get home at 4.15 and be out again at 5.15pm it worked well for me.

MaverickSnoopy Sun 20-Jan-19 06:45:00

I used to make a big cous cous salad and take some a few days in a row.

Pluckedpencil Sun 20-Jan-19 07:01:49

It helps to be a bit monotonous. E.g. salad every day. I have a rucola salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts, or fennel, orange and rucola salad with walnuts. Also take wholemeal crackers, carrot sticks and an apple if I get hungry. Drink loads of water!! It helps ward off hunger!

TabithaBraithwaite Sun 20-Jan-19 07:04:44

I batch cook,
so take out of the fridge a small portion of curry, bolognaise etc add rice or pasta & spinach then microwave at work.
Take apple & banana for breaktime

newcupcake Sun 20-Jan-19 07:09:14

I have fat free yoghurt and fruit for breakfast now to leave my healthy B free for a lunchtime sandwich sometimes , or a salad with cooked meat or some fish or pasta and some cottage cheese. Mugshots are only about 2 Syns they are nice on a cold day, a tin of tomato soup is about 5 Syns I think

Michellebops Sun 20-Jan-19 07:31:02

I've been having tuna pasta, or ww wrap with tuna or chicken and salad. I only have 1 weetabix for breakfast so just count as 3 syns to save my wrap for lunch.

I also have been making slightly extra dinner - curry or meatballs in pasta and taking that for next days lunch.

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Sun 20-Jan-19 08:02:41

Chicken drumsticks or ham with salad.
Jacket potato with beans and salad.

Dyingforchocolate Sun 20-Jan-19 08:20:25

Michellebops that's a good idea because I only have one too, so I think I would be best doing that too!

TheLuckyMrsPine Sun 20-Jan-19 09:40:49

Ok great ideas thanks. Am relieved to hear some recipes can be done quickly in the evenings too. Just need to get more prepared!

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trinitybleu Sun 20-Jan-19 09:44:03

I make 4 lunches on a Monday (my day off)... 2 x salad with ham, egg, chicken, brie & grape etc. with either cold new potatoes or pasta, and then 2 x pots of crudités (carrot, celery, cherry toms) as they keep better that way and have with a packet of microwave Golden Rice (2.5 syns) and ham.

Chickenwing Sun 20-Jan-19 11:11:57

Slimming world does involve sooo much preparation and cooking.

For lunch I have tuna pasta most days or leftovers from the dinner before.

Heinz soups are low in syns smile

OwlinaTree Sun 20-Jan-19 22:47:13

I have chicken and egg salad every day at work. I am bored of it by the end of term! I used to have soup but I don't have the time or inclination to make it these days.

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Sun 20-Jan-19 22:52:10

I often have leftovers from dinnner for lunch the next day. Otherwise I go with soup or salads. I joined Slimming world in August and have managed to lose 2.5 stones, so it does work!a

JaceLancs Mon 21-Jan-19 16:04:24

Jacket potato with various fillings
Home made soup
Pasta salad
Rice salad
Couscous salad
Sometimes I just take carrot sticks celery peppers etc and make egg or tuna mayo to dip them into
Crustless quiche

10PollyPockets Mon 21-Jan-19 17:08:03

Left overs from dinner
Naked rice pots are 2 syns
Some Heinz soups have been reduced to 1.5-3 syns
Homemade soup
Sanwhich/roll with fruit or veg sticks

I always put a couple of apples, a banana and a hifi for snacks

00100001 Mon 21-Jan-19 19:14:11

Anything you like really :/


Pasta salads, cous cous salad, cold meat salads, egg salad

Jacket potato

Sandwiches, wraps, heck you could make an omelette if you just mislxrd it all in a tub and pinged it.


galison Fri 25-Jan-19 13:10:05

Saturday I made spicy rice and chicken (think nandos fakeaway) off the chubby cubs web site. I made extra chicken and had it with the leftover rice (it made tons and some still went in the freezer) on Monday and Tuesday with baby corn, peashoots and mushrooms for speed. Put it together on sunday and it was fine for Mon and Weds. Make some soup each weekend (most recipes are for four) and put half in the freezer for another time so you can have a bit of variety each week or for when you just don't have time. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just chuck stuff in from tins and frozen/prepared veg. I just had this for lunch out of the freezer and it was lovely. I just used a tsp of oil but you could just leave out the first step and just use the chuck it in method smile

iLoveFoood Sun 27-Jan-19 22:54:08

An ideal day for me would be having leftover dinner for lunch, then I get to keep my healthy b choice ( which is important )

I loooove days where I can have leftover chilli or fish pie for example for lunch

Otherwise I struggle to choose between using my hex b for breakfast or using it for lunch. I'd rather keep that for either a wrap for dinner or else a hifi bar or two as a snack.

iLoveFoood Sun 27-Jan-19 22:55:02

Tomorrow I'm having a salad made up of chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato Sweetcorn, red pepper and taco sauce!

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