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Is it possible sweetener free?

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Bumblebee39 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:44:36

Just the title really
I have given up artificial sweeteners and always relied on them when doing the diet in the past.

Does anyone do it without sweeteners?

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noodlenosefraggle Sat 29-Dec-18 07:30:18

Yes I do as I don't like the taste. There is not a lot I sweeten, but if I do, I use maple syrup, as its 1/2 a syn a teaspoon. I don't make the desserts or anythi g, which need loads of sweetener though. I've got used to drinking hot drinks without.

WillowUfgood Sat 29-Dec-18 21:52:38

I barely use sweetener in anything now. I did when I first started SW but found it just wasn't necessary for most things.

Bumblebee39 Sat 29-Dec-18 22:26:49

What do you drink?
I can have coffee with 1 sugar and Syn it
Otherwise I drink fizzy (full sugar) or juice normally but obviously would have to Syn that too

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noodlenosefraggle Sun 30-Dec-18 12:06:09

Hmm I drink got drinks with no sugar but one syn is not to bad unless you are having loads of cups. Fizzy drinks and juice on the whole should probably be knocked on the head as neither are particularly good for your health. Try fizzy water with a squeeze of lime. Easier said than done off you're used to !ots of sugar but you can get used to it fairly quickly

noodlenosefraggle Sun 30-Dec-18 12:09:48

Also if you like the taste, liquorice tea has a sweet taste, or find a herbal tea that you like. You can put a bag of mint tea into a bottle of cold water. I realise all the above sound minging but you just need to get rid of the sweet tooth and they taste quite nice grin

WillowUfgood Sun 30-Dec-18 16:21:13

Hot drinks, no sugar or sweetener. Hadn't used it in tea for years before SW though so not to do with that.

Mainly just use it in dessert now, but not all the time. Occasionally I'll use a tsp in some Quark or a sprinkle over some berries if they need it.

Bumblebee39 Sun 30-Dec-18 18:35:46

I mostly drink water, but have 1-2 coffees a day, 1 glass of juice normally and sometimes some fizzy as a treat. I'm hoping I won't need the sugar if I'm eating better anyway, as fruit will do the same job.
I do get sick of water all the time though and would like some variety, going to get some fizzy water and some lemons and limes and some fruit teas.

I drink mint green tea infused water so not weird at all, although I'm out of the habit.

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WhenLifeGivesYouLemonsx Mon 31-Dec-18 07:14:30

I left SW now but I used to always use sweeteners! That was because most SW food and meals called for sweeteners and their fat free yogurt is full of the stuff.

I no longer use sweetener as it gives me headaches and a very dry mouth. I still have sugar but in smaller quantities (I have half a spoon in my coffee and tea instead of the 2 tsp that I used to have).

So yes, it is possible to be sweetener free. If you are going to have it, go for Stevia as that is natural plant-based sweetener.

sheepwithoneear Mon 31-Dec-18 07:35:32

I successfully done SW 3 years ago no sweeteners - I was determined it was a lifestyle change so didn’t want to add in bad habits. I didn’t have the sweetened yoghurts I got use to plain ff Greek with fruit mixed in. If I did make a slimming world recipe I didn’t add sweetener - they are fine without so not sure why they add them? To drink I had white coffee no sugar or fizzy water.
I lost 2 stone in 4.5 months and I’ve kept it off - (I have put on a few pounds this Christmas but a few weeks I’d proper eating and less wine will help)
It’s is a good plan if you ignore all the crap of cheats and mullers and stick to the core values.

noodlenosefraggle Mon 31-Dec-18 19:25:46

Most SW food doesn't contain sweeteners! I have quite a few of the recipe books. The only sweeteners are in the desserts, which I don't make and maybe some of the fakeaway recipes which are designed to replace a weekly takeaway, and even then only in one or two. The flavoured yoghurts are now not free, but again, you don't have to eat them. If you are used to eating 20 biscuits a day, then telling someone to eat plain yoghurt is not going to cut it, whereas saying they can have a flavoured yoghurt instead may help them cut calories. I don't know one person who eats 25 muller lights or 12 kilo's of pasta a day that people on MN bump into on a daily basis apparently!

Bumblebee39 Mon 31-Dec-18 20:56:21

I can't tolerate the taste anymore and they upset my tummy sometimes so it's not that I think people should be happy swapping 20 biscuits for natural yoghurt I'm just struggling to work out how I would do the diet now as someone who has already given up sweeteners.
I'm certainly not expecting anyone else to do the same

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noodlenosefraggle Tue 01-Jan-19 16:59:12

bumblebeesorry I wasn't respondi g to you I was just pointing out that pp was wro g when they said most SW recipes contain. Sweeteners. You sound like I did when I started. I drink lots of tea and coffee so didn't want to syn a spoon of sugar in each. You get used to the taste really, really quickly, now I can taste sugar and sweetener straight away in anything. I don't really drink juice, but you could have a couple of satsumas instead or a whole orange instead? If you follow the basic core plan, you can do it far more healthily. I use spray oil and full fat yoghurt and syn it so don't want to syn sugar too.

noodlenosefraggle Tue 01-Jan-19 17:00:04

Also maple syrup is 1/2 a syn compared to 1 for sugar. It's cheapest in lidl.

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