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Starting 2019 with SW

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agteacht Thu 27-Dec-18 21:07:08

Hi everyone
I'm getting back on track with SW, determined to lose at least a stone that I have been hanging onto for far too long!

Online shop done, tomorrow's meals planned thanks to the SW magazine - anyone else in a similar position and want to join?!

My first meeting is not until next Thursday but can't wait another week smile

WeMarchOn Thu 27-Dec-18 22:31:34

I have been going since September but at weigh in this morning I had gained 4lb so I decided to pretend I'm a new starter in January and start from basics x

Poodloo Thu 27-Dec-18 22:55:30

Hello there, I'm in! Really need to shift at least a stone. Got a wedding in the summer that I'm bridesmaid for. Already have the dress so definitely need to lose some weight. Plan to start couch 2 5k on the weekend but start the diet on January 2nd. Maybe the 1st as I'm not having a totally heavy new years night out. But may not be prepared to start on the 1st. I may do some batch cooking of soup on Sunday to take to work throughout January. I'll do maybe 3 varieties so that I have lots to keep me going. If you have any great soup flavour recipes I'd love them! The cheaper the better. I really need simple meals as I've a busy month so going to try to have things prepared as much as possible.

WeMarchOn Thu 27-Dec-18 22:57:00

I have just set this Facebook group up

PulyaSochsup Thu 27-Dec-18 22:57:15

Need to lose a stone and I like sw xxx

likeridingabike Thu 27-Dec-18 22:57:43

I'm rejoining on Saturday, won't get back on it properly before I go back to work but I can at least moderate my eating a bit and start planning.

agteacht Thu 27-Dec-18 23:43:07

Fab! @WeMarchOn @Poodloo @PulyaSochsup @likeridingabike we're on! We can do this smile

I am also planning to make some soup on Saturday so will share some recipes. Tomorrow I'm at work so planning on a porridge breakfast, soup from Pret for lunch and a slimming world curry for tea

It's just about getting back into the swing of things I know it smile

agteacht Thu 27-Dec-18 23:44:49

@Poodloo also hoping to do some running. Used to run 5k twice a week but haven't run in at least 6 months!!! Have you heard of RED January? You should take a look it's a great little community smile

PulyaSochsup Thu 27-Dec-18 23:45:40

Brilliant! Can't wait to get started. Thanks for the encouragement agtflowers

WeMarchOn Thu 27-Dec-18 23:48:48

I walk about 30-40 miles a week but haven't this week because of Christmas

Poodloo Fri 28-Dec-18 00:02:26

RED community? I've not heard of this. Off to Google!

WeMarchOn Fri 28-Dec-18 00:03:29

I have just signed up for Red January 💪🏻

agteacht Fri 28-Dec-18 00:15:36

30-40 miles?? Wow that's mega. I just walk to the tube and back 😂😂😬😬

Yes have a look at

They have a good Facebook page too. Basically you run or walk every day in January

mynameisMrG Fri 28-Dec-18 00:21:11

I weighed in tonight and put on 6lb over Christmas!!!going to rejoin next Thursday and shift this weight. I am so motivated now which I haven’t been for about six months

Tailrunner Fri 28-Dec-18 10:13:37

I've lost 1st 2lb with Slimming World so far but have about 3 stone still to go. I've started running again and I've booked races for every month to keep me going. I'm even planning on doing my first (and only) marathon in October so I need to lose some of this extra bulk by then! I know it's mostly about diet though so I need to get back on plan. I've requested to join your fb page and am going to plan my meals for this week.

WillardJStevens Fri 28-Dec-18 10:29:28

I’m in too!

I started SW last January and lost just over 2 stone by April. I lost my way though and bad habits crept back in and the weight piled back on. I have also eaten a disgusting amount over Xmas - I am now 6lbs heavier than I was a year ago.

I feel so grim. I need to get my head back in the game. I have also signed up for RED January and my first 1/2 marathon in September!

I’m not on FB but hope people will still add to this thread grin

PosiePerkinandPootle Fri 28-Dec-18 10:29:35

Can I join you. I lost 2st 10 lb about 4 yrs ago. Rejoined in Aug putting 1st 11 of that back on. My heart has not been in it at all, plodded to my half stone award, then put 6lb on during hols in Oct. since then its been on/off on repeat. Went on Monday & collected new book. Think I will rejoin on 7 Jan - new book, new start. Need to put all the yo-yoing behind me.

WeMarchOn Fri 28-Dec-18 10:35:03

Come join us x

agteacht Fri 28-Dec-18 15:39:49

@mynameisMrG that's brilliant, share your motivation with us!

@PosiePerkinandPootle @WillardJStevens you've already done it before so you know you can do it again.
I can sympathize with the 'yo-yo ing'... am determined that if I can lose now I won't put on again because it's just not worth it. Let's see how I get on!

@Tailrunner a running event every month is very impressive!

Well today I had two coffees (hex), chicken and broccoli soup for lunch and pineapple as a snack (wanted popcorn but didn't want to use up my Syns!)
Tonight it's chilli with SW chips and then will probably use my Syns on a couple of g&ts. Not ideal as I really should be off booze (too much wine and Prosecco has put me in this position I'm sure!!!) but I am proud of the food choices so that's a good start.

I think just the mentality of SW has to help because it stopped me picking up the popcorn or another snack earlier and if I can keep off the snacks it will help lots.

Off to the supermarket shortly to do a shop and put some better stuff in the fridge!!!

Any tips from anyone on some good Syn Free snacks?? I'm thinking of making some hummus to dip some veg into...

agteacht Fri 28-Dec-18 15:42:40

Also thinking of a SW curry tomorrow night, found a great jalfrezi recipe but I don't suppose there are any low syn naans?? Wishful thinking?!

agteacht Sat 29-Dec-18 13:32:20

Morning all,

I weighed in at home this morning at 10st11.8, my aim is to get at least under 10stone but ideally 9st7... haven't been that since I got married nearly 5 years ago 😮

I was dreading weighing myself but better to know where you stand I reckon, and hopefully I'll see a smaller number when I weigh in at group on Thursday!

My little mini milestones are:
Into the 140s (currently 151.8)
Down to 147
Down to 143
Into the 130s

I am off on holiday to NYC in 4 weeks time and my dream would be to hit 147 or as close to by then!! Let's see...

Hope you're all having a good day!

GarbageBell Sat 29-Dec-18 16:41:15

Hi everyone I am joining SW next week and have never done it before. I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been and have 3 stone to lose. Hoping to do most of this by the end of June as I have a size 10 dress to get in to for an event. Then a holiday booked in October. Seen so many success stories it’s encouraged me to join but not a clue how it works

WeMarchOn Sat 29-Dec-18 17:02:07

Just walked 6 miles 💪🏻

mynameisMrG Sun 30-Dec-18 01:24:07

@agteacht unfortunately my motivation comes from quite a negative place from seeing photos of myself over Christmas!! Hideous! Also my dr has told me to lose weight if I want another baby. I’m not starting to follow the plan until after new year though as we have plans but I’m getting my head in the game and planning the first few weeks meals.

sazzle27 Sun 30-Dec-18 02:11:08

I'm in on this!

Very loosely looked at SW towards the end of last year, and although i didn't follow it fully or weigh myself regularly (shift worker with no set pattern so a group is impossible and well beyond monetary means), I did start incorporating little bits into my daily life.

It helped me cook more from scratch, think more about snacks, and cut down on bread....
Then Christmas shifts began and then christmas...
I and DP are kick starting healthiness in the new year!
Not sure if it'll be specifically SW or just using some recipes and general cutting back, but am hopeful of losing approximately 3-4 stone...... confused

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