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feralfanny Mon 03-Dec-18 15:44:24

A new ALDI has opened up nearby and I noticed they do ready meals which look very much like the Iceland slimming World ones?
Anybody know how many Syns they are ?

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JustWingingLifeAsUsual Mon 03-Dec-18 17:55:12

Slimming World refuses to put the syn value on their syn calculator which is utterly pathetic to be honest. The reason for that is because they want you to buy their products and make a profit!

Anyway, I've always eaten SlimWell meals when I followed SW and I still lost weight. In fact, if you compare nutritional value between both SW meals and SlimWell meals, the SlimWell meals are less calories and fat than the SW meals, yet they are free?

As you can see here, the SlimWell meatball and pasta is 181 calories for the whole container, whereas the SW one is approx 540 calories for the whole 550g container.

You make your own choice. I, personally went for the SlimWell meals because they was cheaper and contained less calories. It doesn't taste any different than the SW meals if I'm totally honest!

I hope this helped anyway! Just shows SW are in it to make a profit only. You can see their legal action against Aldi SlimWell brand for this very reason. They're a greedy cooperation!

JustWingingLifeAsUsual Mon 03-Dec-18 17:56:37

I've attached nutritional values for both (first one is SlimWell, second is Slimming World).

feralfanny Mon 03-Dec-18 20:37:40

Wow that's really interesting- thank you @JustWingingLifeAsUsual. I will stock up at the weekend.
I am sadly very excited to have a new Aldi so close - any excuse to go there!!!

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iamyourequal Wed 05-Dec-18 20:24:21

Aldi Slimwell Meatballs And pasta contains 521 calories in a pack. I’ve just checked it on numerous sites as 180 seemed unrealistically low. Just flagging this up in case it ruins anyone’s dieting efforts!

whatihavetoputupwith Thu 06-Dec-18 15:43:20

@iamyourequal still lower than the SW meals so shouldn't be a problem

Northernmum100 Thu 27-Dec-18 13:09:46

I haven't found an Iceland slimming world meal I like so given up. The Aldi smoky chicken(?) Is nice and I will have a look a some of the others too.

QueenofLouisiana Tue 08-Jan-19 20:05:12

There is a FB group called Slimming World with Aldi. It’s really helpful!

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