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Slimming world and slow weightloss. How did you get on?

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Crunchymum Thu 22-Nov-18 16:31:47

I know the best way to is a weight is slow and steady (lost 3st a decade ago and it took 8 months) and I know a loss is a loss but my God it feels so thankless.

17lbs in 12 weeks.

I know I need to keep at it, just having a moan.

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florriepeck Thu 22-Nov-18 16:55:21

There are things you can do to boost your weight loss, eg SP days.
Well done on the 17lb loss.
Make sure you stay to group if not an online member, and take advice from your Consultant.
And have a look at the SW section on MN, especially the support thread: we've all been where you are, and felt disheartened at times.

DoryNow Thu 22-Nov-18 17:03:17

17lbs in 12 weeks is a really good steady loss - it is always harder to lose the second stone, it’s been sitting there longer & needs a bit more effort to shift!
I followed the principles of SW years ago but now use it tweaked to suit me - no counting treats, I have the odd drink secret is not to feel guilty if you have a “bad” week. Just try & identify what tempted you, do you can avoid it again & move on.
What’s really helped me is building 10k steps of walking into my daily routine, some days I hit 15k!! Has really helped kick start my loss again after plateauing.

Bound to be some WTF days but don’t let it derail you into thinking sod it & falling off the wagon. smile

Tatgalore Mon 26-Nov-18 18:07:52

17lbs in 12 weeks is bloody good.

More to the point, how are you managing, can you keep it up?

I know it's a clique but if we crash diet and lose loads, we will eventually put it all back on. Old habits die hard.

Bumblebee39 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:47:02

I tend to switch it out with slimfast for quick results

So I do a few weeks of each back to back
I think slimfast shrinks my stomach so that when I'm on SW I don't over eat

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