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BloodyBing Thu 01-Nov-18 20:28:12

As queuing to get weighed today and was curious if the social team get any perks?
Did a Google and a thread from 2015 popped up.

The response back then was a magazine each month.

It seems like a lot of effort for that!

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BloodyBing Thu 01-Nov-18 20:28:44

*Was queuing

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siakcaci Thu 01-Nov-18 20:33:19

I got given an M&S lavender bath salt set last Christmas from the consultant 

From SW themselves we get nothing.

I don't do it anymore as I felt being stuck on a desk pulled me away from the chat in group

ElfrideSwancourt Thu 01-Nov-18 20:46:05

Nothing from SW. I used to do it to help lovely hardworking consultant, then she left and new consultant would turn up 15 mins before group started (previous consultant was there an hour before) and expect us to set it all up and complain if the tablecloths weren't level!

She totally took the piss so I left. She was a rubbish consultant too, couldn't run a group at all.

BloodyBing Thu 01-Nov-18 20:52:41

So it's for the love of it then really?
Thanks for the responses.
That's super cheeky turning up 15 minutes before!

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April2020mom Thu 01-Nov-18 23:48:54

I need to weigh myself tomorrow morning. Is it worth joining or not?

Riversleep Fri 02-Nov-18 11:36:54

april see if you can get a free joining voucher, go along and see what you think.

CantWaitToRetire Fri 02-Nov-18 12:10:45

At our group we get to weigh in early and a free mag each month. At Christmas the social team are going out for a meal, but we have to pay for ourselves. That's about it really! I got roped in as a newbie at my club and didn't give it a lot of thought before agreeing. I wish sometimes that I hadn't agreed because it means I'm tied to staying every week when sometimes if I'm tired I just want to weigh and go.

siakcaci Fri 02-Nov-18 12:19:15

I wonder if the free magazine is just a gift from the consultant rather than SW?

Liskee Fri 02-Nov-18 20:02:57

We get nothing. But I'm okay with that. By being on the table to check people in or weigh them I get to learn everyone's names and chat a bit. I find it really actually sociable. Plus that incentive of having a job and helping out makes me go every week, and stay to group after.

Groovee Fri 02-Nov-18 22:44:12

No perks for our social team.

WeMarchOn Sat 03-Nov-18 18:43:46

I'm in the social team, no perks which is absolutely fine because i love doing it x

WillowUfgood Sat 03-Nov-18 19:19:46

I'm in the social team, no real perks apart from a small token gift at christmas and our consultant will bring us a bar each of the new HiFi flavours when she gets her early stash wink I guess each consultant treats their team differently. I love being a Social member, our group is fairly small (midday on a thursday) but so lovely and supportive. Always a bit of banter with a few of them at the scales grin

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