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What is on your shopping list?

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bubbles092 Wed 31-Oct-18 11:40:25

I thought I'd start this thread for those who needs some ideas and inspiration on what to buy on slimming world! As I am desperate for ideas. I mainly shop in Aldi, but get other bits that Aldi don't sell from Morrison's. I also go Lidl too. I'm quite lucky that I have all supermarkets close to me except from Waitrose and ASDA.

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beckslovestimmy Wed 31-Oct-18 11:47:42

I'm off shopping in a bit. I'll be getting baking potatoes
smoked bacon
chicken breasts
5% fat minced beef
fat free 'fake' mullerlights
bran flakes/porridge oats
frozen raspberries/blueberries
fresh fruit and veg
passata with added garlic
baked beans
ham, cooked chicken
salad stuff
reduced fat coleslaw

Groovee Wed 31-Oct-18 16:41:43

Iceland's 5% mince, and the sliced cooked chicken are good to have in the freezer.

My spices and herbs such as paprika, Chinese 5 spice, cumin, ground coriander, garlic granules, oregano, mixed herbs, black pepper.

Quark is a staple for me too with vanilla essence.

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