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Slow weight loss

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aeyzsm Thu 25-Oct-18 22:25:30

Hi all! I’ve just had my third slimming world weigh in and have gained a bloody pound! Am fuming...had a perfect week! My first week I lost one pound, then last week three. So was a bit of a kick in the teeth. I only have a stone to lose (seven months post baby) and am scared I’ll never get there! Everyone else just seems to have such great losses and I’m feeling a little low about today. Has anyone got any advice? Thanks in advance xxx

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Groovee Fri 26-Oct-18 07:10:12

A few members in my class are slow losers but each week they come along and keep plodding away. It took me 6 months to lose 3st but it took me 8 months to lose 1.5st.

I noticed in the 8 months that I suddenly had a gain every 4 weeks, but then lost bigger the following week. Then it would be half a pound the next 2 weeks. I kept at it and have now kept it off for 7 months so far.

Speak to your consultant too. They should be able to look over your food diary and see if anything is a bit a miss x

AJPTaylor Fri 26-Oct-18 07:39:17

If you only have a stone to lose, follow SW principles but also calorie count for a week. It will help you with setting portion sizes.

Riversleep Fri 26-Oct-18 07:43:35

I lost a stone and a half with SW but the last stone is taking an age to come off. I think you need to be ultra strict and really concentrate on the 1/3 speed at every meal to get the last stone off. I might try calorie counting too though.

Riversleep Fri 26-Oct-18 07:45:55

I would say though that I haven't put the weight back on, so although frustrating, for me it's been sustainable which long term is the most important thing.

florriepeck Fri 26-Oct-18 08:02:29

OP, a gain can be disheartening when you know you don't deserve it, but don't be put off following the plan.
You have lost three pounds in three weeks, which is a good, sustainable result.
Also, I think that weight losses can be slower when you have relatively little to lose; I have seen new members with a lot of weight to lose achieve their stone awards in the first couple of weeks, but that wouldn't happen for you.
Keep to the plan to the letter, and my bet is that you will see a good loss next week:this week's pounds will be "in the bank".
And eat sensible portion sizes, but definitely don't count calories: the people who devise the SW plan have done that for you.
Finally, if you are still unhappy with your progress, speak to your Consultant for advice.

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