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boo1507 Wed 24-Oct-18 08:16:44

Help! First ever SW taster next week and I really want some exciting ideas on what to make. Have you any successes to recommend?

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florriepeck Wed 24-Oct-18 10:53:40

Have a look at SW website for recipe ideas.
I usually take frittata or SW quiche.
If short of time, I have taken cooked SW sausages on sticks, or prepared fresh fruit.
Might depend on the time of day of your class: mine is at 9-30 am, but no one seems to mind trying a bit of chilli or soup, and some members cook them overnight at home in slow cooker, then plug it in at group until time to eat.
Hope you enjoy it: you will get some good ideas for things to make at home.

Groovee Wed 24-Oct-18 12:56:54

Was thinking Beef koftas from the take 5 book this time with salad.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 24-Oct-18 20:05:58

Beetroot dip and veg for dipping
Pull apart cheesy garlic loaf

Low syn carrot cake
Chocolate brownies
Marshmallow bars

florriepeck Mon 05-Nov-18 13:20:46

Ricekrispie, I made the pinchofnom chocolate brownies on your recommendation, and took them to this morning's taster at group: they were a great success, and a good new discovery!

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