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6th time lucky..... finding the old me

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MissMardyBum Thu 04-Oct-18 17:18:31

Well done on all your losses!
My first 3 days went great...... then the weekend came. I ate so much crap, even when I was full.
Had my first weigh in this morning. I was dreading it and almost chickened out. So glad I did, lost 4 1/2 lbs!! Very shocked and pleased. Convinced it will catch up with me next week though.

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iamyourequal Fri 28-Sep-18 20:51:21

How has your first day gone MissMardyBum? I knew there would be others along who are going really well on the plan to inspire you better than I can!
I have been ok today, logged everything, not eaten anything unhealthy, but will be clocking up 10 syns from 2 thimblefulls of 🍷!

MattLeBlancVest Fri 28-Sep-18 20:16:04

Hiya OP. I joined 6 months ago.
I'm 5ft 8 and was 15st 5lbs. I cried.

I need to lose a pound to get my 2.5stone. It's been a slow process as I lose my mojo and go on a binge if I'm fed up or on my period.

This is my 4th attempt of slimming world and I was at my heaviest.

Was determined not to be fat at 40 which is coming round scarily soon

I've still got another stone and a bit that I want to lose. I want to get to target by Xmas.

You can do it!

lovesugarfreejelly63 Fri 28-Sep-18 17:18:33

Well done MissMardy taking that first step in joining SW. I joined 8 weeks ago and have lost 13 and a half pounds. Also on medication which makes weight loss difficult but am persevering and you can too. I only lost half a pound today, butI don't get discouraged although I would have liked to lose more! So give it a go and good luck.

Sparklyfee Fri 28-Sep-18 11:07:27

Good luck. Slimming world worked for me. Ditching the bread in particular.

Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast or boiled eggs

Salad or soup for lunch

Trying new recipes for tea from pinch of nom or two chubby cubs. Get some mayflower curry sauce in, tastes just like the Chinese! Oh and pickles for snacking on!

MissMardyBum Fri 28-Sep-18 10:47:55

hi, thanks for your reply and well done on your weight loss! I'm a slow loser so this will no doubt be a long journey for me.
Today was a big step for me so surely things can only get better from here.
I think my problem has always been getting in all the speed food with every meal and i've been so used to my usual cereal for breakfast then bread for lunch that i'm lacking in inspiration. Will be trawling instagram for ideas today.
Good luck to you too smile

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iamyourequal Thu 27-Sep-18 21:13:38

Hi Miss Mardy. Well done to you taking the first steps to join a diet group. That’s surely the first big hurdle. I’m afraid I don’t have any wow stories to inspire you. I’ve been at slimming world 4 weeks and have only lost 5lb, but I don’t have much weight to lose, have the metabolism of a sloth and am far too fond of wine so for me that’s quite good going. All I can recommend is stick to the plan to the letter, log everything, eat lots of fresh veg and fruit and try and get some fresh air and exercise each day. It’s very difficult not letting dark clouds take over at this time of year. Good luck

MissMardyBum Thu 27-Sep-18 20:55:21

So today I finally rejoined slimming world... for the 6th time! It’s over 2 years since I last went and in that time I’ve gained just over 3 stones. I was horrified when the scales read 16st 4.5lbs. I’m 5 foot 10 and would like to lose around 5.5 stones. It seems impossible.
I struggle badly with depression and anxiety, which I’m taking medication for. I’m such an emotional eater and binge when I’m feeling particularly bad. I’m so miserable like this. I want the old happy slimmer me back.
Does anyone else have a similar amount to lose or been successful with slimming world?
Hopefully writing things down here will help me keep motivated.
Thanks for reading!

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