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Tea ideas

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lancslass17 Thu 27-Sep-18 03:39:49

I've done slimming world before and know what to do and that it works for me. Now I have an 11 week old and have run out of pre prepared meals im struggling with the prep and time it takes to cook. I need ideas for tea please that dont take long to do ( or i can leave to attend to baby and come back to) I have a slow cooker which has come in useful so far but struggling for ideas now. Tia

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Magmatic80 Thu 27-Sep-18 04:46:25

Jacket potatoes. Just chuck in oven and get on with life while they cook. Pretty forgiving if you’re busy

Groovee Thu 27-Sep-18 22:32:11

One pot meals are good. Cheeseburger pasta, chicken jambalaya, speedy veg risotto

whynot93 Fri 28-Sep-18 05:55:45

Omelette and salad is always a quick winner for me, also jacket potato with chilli (batch cook in slow cooker) the campfire stew recipe is also a good one pot option.

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