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Pregnant doing slimming world

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SpannerH Mon 22-Oct-18 15:33:27


I feel your pain!!

I got down to 11 stone, got pregnant and lost it, ate a stone of food (literally put a stone on) found out I was pregnant again and thought ffs (for weight reason only i,e wished I'd been better!) Thought well its ok I will be good from now on ( well after my holiday a few weeks later) then the morning sickness started on the plane journey home and if I ate it went away! I have been soooooo bad! don't get me wrong I am still in my 'normal' BMI range but the way I'm eating it can't be for long! I have good intentions and then as soon as I am hungry or feel sick it goes down the pan! I have gone off eggs so crustless quiche I used to take for lunch at work is out of the window, gone of sausage and bacon, I'm basically snacking at every meal and every hour in between! I need physical intervention!

mumof1willbe2 Sat 22-Sep-18 18:37:43

I thought finding out I was pregnant would make me stick to it even more but I just want to eat everything! Well done on your loss!

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Amelia437 Sat 22-Sep-18 18:16:28

I have lost 4 stone through slimming world in total, I first started and found out I was pregnant I could not stick to it I always craved chocolate 😩 just don’t punish yourself to much, you are doing a big job carrying a baby. Be good have the odd treat and once baby is born you can get back on track!

mumof1willbe2 Sat 22-Sep-18 15:53:14

Anyone pregnant doing slimming world? Ive been going for just over a year and half. Atm my loss is 9 stone but it was more I just can't seem to stick to it atm.
Anyone else struggling?

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