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SW on social media/YouTube/IG

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Medea13 Fri 21-Sep-18 11:43:59

Does anybody else follow other Slimming Worlders on Insta/YouTube? I recently started watching some SW YouTubers and also a bit on instagram but i don't full "get" that tbh... it's too hard to keep track of things and they seem to disappear/get lost in my feed. Whereas YT is quite straightforward.

Which YouTubers do you like/recommend? I have a few i watch and i especially like Jane Day (who is a target member; she normally just posts one longish video a week but always food for though) and the Budget Slimmers (a couple of mums (married to each other) who deal with SW on a very tight budget -- lots of tips for how to get the best deals etc. and their daughter is adorable). I also quite like some others but it can seem a bit cliquey? Nevertheless, i watch...

HAs anyone started a channel? It seems like a great way to stay accountable, but i think i'd be too shy.

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sunshineNdaisies Sat 22-Sep-18 07:56:18

I prefer instagram to youtube. Lots of the videos just prattle on. I watched fopperholic's video and got really irritated by the way she kept playing with her hair. She comes across as really vain and smug. I think I'll stick to Instagram (and unfollow her too). Her kids are cute though.

SlimmingMumOf1 Sat 22-Sep-18 09:57:35

I enjoy Gemma's Journey. She's amazing! Trim with Tan is good too.

I don't like Fopperholic. She does my head in. blush

SlimmingMumOf1 Sat 22-Sep-18 09:58:18

@sunshineNdaisies exactly that! She thinks she's knows everything. She has just had twins and already posted about to recover from a c section... like the fuck she knows how when she's only had them babies 5 mins!

SlimmingMumOf1 Sat 22-Sep-18 10:00:06

Gemma's journey and trim with tan are both on insta and YouTube by the way! Another YouTube vlogger that I like is Jane Gammons, she's a lovely lady and her husband is the most nicest man! Jane Day is great. She always talks so much sense! She's the one that drummed into my head about carbohydrates and how we shouldn't eat too much of it as it "hydrates", holds onto water lol.

Medea13 Sat 22-Sep-18 11:36:06

Oh yeah i love Gemmas Journey as well! And Trim with Tan!
I watched a bit of Kate SW but i found it really off-putting when she was weighing her 3 yr old daughter every day to check her scales worked/kept showing her daughter the scales/weighing process, asking the child how much she thought mummy had gained etc etc... It's not something i would let a child see.

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sunshineNdaisies Sat 22-Sep-18 19:10:21

didn't see the c section one - talk about making people feel shit!

Show us a video of her covered in sick/shit/messy hair/lack of sleep

SlimmingMumOf1 Sat 22-Sep-18 19:53:34

@sunshineNdaisies she seems like she always wants to go out as well. I don't have any issue with going out with your babies as we all need a breath of fresh air but Jesus Christ, can't she just stay at home for a few days and be a mother? In one of her vids her make up took about 45 mins! I think she's gonna get an au pair because there's no way she's going to be able to cope with the twins once they're older.

Medea13 Sat 22-Sep-18 20:01:48

That's a bit mean...

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Groovee Sat 22-Sep-18 20:02:56

Debster_SW was my inspiration and still is now she's at target.

sunshineNdaisies Sat 22-Sep-18 20:52:39

I don't think she's a bad mother or neglectful in any way, I think that's a bit harsh. I just think she's smug.

Some good other suggestions on here though.

SlimmingMumOf1 Sun 23-Sep-18 08:06:07

I never said she's a bad mother or neglectful! I'm just saying I don't think reality of having two babies has hit her yet. At the moment she's still got all the time in the world to do her make up and to make her mug cakes.

Mousetrap3 Sun 23-Sep-18 10:11:45

I like trim with tan and Jane Gammons, Helen from the livingstones is also good. I used to enjoy watching Tilly Cutler and Lucyvlgs but they both seemed to stop when I started watching them! Tilly’s videos are still on there but I think Lucy’s all disappeared.
I did enjoy fopperholics but I didn’t realise until I watched the latest one how much she messes with her hair! I did feel she came across as a teeny bit smug.

Atetoomanyjaffacakes Sun 23-Sep-18 16:19:01

I love Jane Gammons too, been watching since the start. Not so keen on her cleaning videos though but he is very down to earth. I like fopperholic too but feel the same as others have said. Her life "seems" so perfect that it makes me feel bad about myself at times. She comes across as lovely and positive but also very materialistic too

Atetoomanyjaffacakes Sun 23-Sep-18 16:19:42

Did anyone ever watch von choc? I wonder what happened to her?

Mousetrap3 Sun 23-Sep-18 19:41:20

Yes I watched vonchoc, she’s another one that disappeared when I started watching her, maybe it’s me!!

Medea13 Sun 23-Sep-18 19:56:04

I also seemed to get into vonchoc as soon as she stopped...

One thing i've noticed is that a lot of the YTers with the biggest losses (Debbie d Kate SW (even though she's not at target yet) especially) have very gaunt/drawn/haggard/skinny/bony faces, even at high-normal or even overweight BMIs. Is that because of the SW plan in particular (maybe to do with dearth of fat overall, and some SWers preference for chocolate/sweet syns rather than e.g. healthy fat) or just something unavoidable with big losses? They can look really sickly...

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WhatIsThisTomfoolery Sun 23-Sep-18 20:00:22

Katy Jayne is quite good

I don't understand Jane Hammond, I stopped following her then recently started again. She's put weight on?

WhatIsThisTomfoolery Sun 23-Sep-18 20:02:02

I love oliviaindigo too. She was at slimcon

Groovee Sun 23-Sep-18 20:02:32

I think my face looks terrible and looked much better when I was a stone and a half heavier.

I don't know if it's due to age or if having a chronic condition affects my face at times. When I get poorly I tend to get a swollen face.

SlimmingMumOf1 Sun 23-Sep-18 20:28:36

VonChoc no longer follows slimming world. She went on to do macro counting.

WhatIsThisTomfoolery Sun 23-Sep-18 20:31:45

I also like Lisa snow, very down to earth

Medea13 Sun 23-Sep-18 23:58:54

Looks like Jane Day's latest video has caused a bit of drama...! Tbh i think she was being very disingenuous saying "this is just me and my thoughts for my channel" and then in the next breath saying she would never post a video looking at all unkempt or in workout gear or with messy hair or whatever... It was obviously a dig at people like Gemma and Tan and Jane Gammons, yet she can get away with it by saying "well i SAID i was only talking about myself". I thought it was really snide and judgemental. And based on both Gemma and Tan's vlogs today, it did genuinely hurt their feelings. Which makes me like Jane Day less, to be frank. Why do people feel the need to be so nasty?

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WhatIsThisTomfoolery Mon 24-Sep-18 08:52:00


sunshineNdaisies Mon 24-Sep-18 18:38:38

I dont get what slimcon is all about? I have seen it mentioned but what exactly is fun about it? Is it just people talking about their journeys in the same way we could find out about if we just followed them online? Sounds like a waste of time and money tbh

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