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On line membership- do you get syn calculator

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ceecee32 Tue 18-Sep-18 06:02:37

Hi, thinking of joining on line as I hate groups. Can you let me know if I would get access to syn calculators and the online group tools that attendees get.
I have tried to find out from website but not clear

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SlimmingMumOf1 Tue 18-Sep-18 14:31:49

Yes you'll have access to the syn calculator

EmUntitled Thu 20-Sep-18 09:28:09

Yes and you can get a phone app to look up any product syn value. I'm doing online at the moment. I do think it's a bit unfair that they charge the same amount as going to the group, but i dont have any free evenings.

Meandyoumake2 Wed 03-Oct-18 18:59:47

Can you do your food diary online too in the app?

ceecee32 Wed 03-Oct-18 19:20:13

Yes you can - after my OP I joined online. Easy to use food diary. Syn calculator and everything I have needed so far. 10 pounds in 2 weeks smile

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Meandyoumake2 Wed 03-Oct-18 19:22:31

That's amazing well done! Is everything easily explained? I have never done it before but really don't have the time to attend a group

mychildrenarebarmy Thu 04-Oct-18 09:07:49

I’ve been considering the online because there are no groups I can get to. How are you finding it?

Luloooo Thu 04-Oct-18 09:21:58

Ive found online SW to be a waste of time for me tbh. It's okay at the beginning when you've got the motivation.and your own momentum pulls you along. But after the initial few weeks it's hard to keep up with it online. There's zero support and no accountability, which is what makes the groups work. You fall put off the wagon one week and there's no one there to ask you what went wrong and what you're doing differently next week to avoid it in future. There's no inspiration from fellow group members who talk about how they've picked themselves up off the floor and you don't get the feeling of looking around the group and thinking wow, if she's done it I can do it. And no certificates to stick on your fridge to remind you how far you've come. No messages from the group leader who you can text when you're having a moment and who sends regular text on weekends etc when you most need them. There's no tips and tricks you can pick up from other members and group leader during meetings etc etc.
In my experience there's no comparision. You might as well just save your money and learn the SW rules and do it yourself if you have the personal motivation. If not, then you need a group imo.

sunshineNdaisies Fri 05-Oct-18 17:47:24

SW online is shit and I only do it cause I'm deaf and struggle in classes. You could do it all yourself by joining online forums for advice and ideas. They say they are improving the website to include a forum and an app so I'll see what that is like before deciding whether to continue my membership.

bubbles092 Tue 09-Oct-18 11:49:52

I have done slimming world online since May 2017 and I've lost just over 4 stone. I did join a group once, but I didn't like it. I found it so tedious and boring when the consultant goes around the classroom, telling everyone what we lost and how much we want to lose for next week... then there goes the clapping. I can't be doing with it! I am happier doing it online. I didn't get much support from other people in the group either!

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