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Food diary

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YerAuntFanny Thu 13-Sep-18 22:02:30

Lost my motivation this past week with only 6.5lbs to target so I thought posting a daily food diary might keep me on track and maybe share some new ideas with others too smile

Day 1:
Porridge (B), raspberries, honey (1)
Leek and potato soup
Pasta n sauce (2.5), mushrooms, spinach
Blueberry muffin fibre bar (4), Milk (A)

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YerAuntFanny Fri 14-Sep-18 18:34:30

Oh well, just me then grin

Day 2:
Coconut and raisin Weetabix (B), milk (A)
Scrambled egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach
Chilli, rice, lettuce, tomatoes
Pink and white wafer (2.5), Options (1.5)

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chicken75 Fri 14-Sep-18 18:37:58

I'll join you tomorrow!
Have had a tough few days and as a comfort eater it hasn't been pretty grin

I've lost 6.5 stone so far but huge amounts to go.

YerAuntFanny Fri 14-Sep-18 18:43:08

I totally get you there Chicken.

I was 2.5lbs from target last week then put on 4lbs because I had an emotionally draining week... Oops!

It's too easy isn't it? Onwards and upwards grin

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YerAuntFanny Sat 15-Sep-18 20:21:37

Day 3:
Toast (B), egg, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, oil (1)
Cucumber, yogurt, banana, grapes, cheese (A)
Melon and grape snack pot (took the kids swimming and ended up starving!)
Cottage pie (2), brocolli, carrots
Jack Daniels and Pepsi Max (4.5)

Possibly having a tea with milk later (1)

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YerAuntFanny Sun 16-Sep-18 22:42:47

Day 4:
Toast (B) & spaghetti hoops
2x satsumas
Banana & grapes
Carbonara (A) & green beans
Doritos (7.5), Alpen light (3)

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InfiniteSheldon Thu 20-Sep-18 07:44:46

I can't work out what you have for lunch is it just fruit?

raisedbyguineapigs Thu 20-Sep-18 10:23:38

Spaghetti hoops are synned now shock Sorry grin Unless you aren't bothering!

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