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Major sugar crash! God help me

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SlimmingMumOf1 Wed 12-Sep-18 18:29:01

Why the hell did I do it. I've eaten almost the entire content of the junk cupboard (my DS and my DH's junk cupboard let's say!) I've eaten:

4 packets of McCoy's crisps
Crisp sandwich with cheese
About 10 mini muffins from Poundland
A bowl of pasta
About 5 cups of sugary tea

Now I am feeling very, very ill and sick. I know it is due to the major sugar overload. I can't believe I am doing this to myself! I just didn't think, and kept on eating and eating. I haven't felt like this for a long time and I am feeling absolutely horrendous envyblush I am drinking lots of water and contemplating whether to take a couple of paracetamols!

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