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Sertraline and SW, slow losses?

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Onedaylikethi5 Thu 30-Aug-18 07:18:15

Anyone else taking Sertraline, 100% on plan, staying for group and only losing very small amounts each week?

I know it's still a loss, but it's soooooo slow compared to those around me and I'm feeling so disheartened. I'm trying so so hard and I promise I have had 4 perfect weeks and lost the grand total of 4lb. I just started losing the journal to record my food and there's a page that essentially says 'if you haven't lost half a stone in the first 4 weeks you must be doing something wrong' but I'm not.

And bloody 'sharon' will have had three pizzas and eight cocktails this week and still lost more than me.

Drag me out of my pity pit, please!

I've asked the GP ifi can start coming off the medication but they don't think I am ready, and to be honest I agree. But I feel trapped as I feel low being overweight and I'm trying so hard and not getting very far.

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Onedaylikethi5 Thu 30-Aug-18 07:18:52

*using the journal. Though losing it is tempting.

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Solina Thu 30-Aug-18 07:27:23

I would say 4lb in 4 weeks is still good. If you lose a pound a week it is over 3.5 stone in a year. Slow and steady is also good.

Also, are you 100% sure that you follow the plan excactly? Has anyone had a look at your food diaries?

Onedaylikethi5 Thu 30-Aug-18 07:30:29

Yep, food diaries checked weekly. I don't do things by halves, absolutely 100% to plan A and B weighed and measured daily. Everything going I to the syn calculator.

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Fatted Thu 30-Aug-18 07:33:19

A pound a week is spot on. Do you have a lot to lose because it can be slower if you don't.

Really don't compare yourself to others as hard as it can be not to. IME the ones with big losses each week don't do that consistently. The ones who do well and get to target as the ones who plod on losing 1-2 a week. Every week.

Onedaylikethi5 Thu 30-Aug-18 07:44:11

I have about 7 stone to lose. I know group is supposed to help but honestly it has just been making me want to cry.

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hamabr86 Thu 30-Aug-18 16:47:06

Never occurred to me that Sertraline might be why my weight loss is absolutely crawling along. I tried slimming world before and lost about 6lb in one week but barely anything now. Thought my metabolism had just taken a massive dive! This weirdly makes me feel better although its probably not much help. Can relate with the frustration.

holycityzoo Thu 06-Sep-18 22:03:50

I definitely think setraline stopped me losing but more because it just made me not really care!
I've very slowly weaned myself off as I found the weight gain was making me feel more down than before I started taking them.

SunflowerJo08 Sat 08-Sep-18 14:56:44

There are supplements that you can try to help boost your metabolism - magnesium (specifically, malate), aloe vera (gel form is best) and a general multivitamin, a vegan version if you aren't a big meat eater. Overall these may well have an effect on your mental health too. I'm sorry that it is plodding along for you, but keep at it - overall you are having good monthly losses, the food you are eating will be doing you good, and hopefully lifting you mentally.

Maybe try a week where you eat completely different recipes, things you wouldn't normally try? This will stop boredom making you feel worse.

As for Sharon, these are the types that constantly yo yo; be a steady Sally instead!

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