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A third of fruit or veg

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Stripeybum Wed 29-Aug-18 23:10:10

I'm following this at home as can't currently afford class fees. I've got all the books but wondered about this.

If you make say an omelette with lots of pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes. Then have strawberries and blueberries with a muller light, that counts as a third speed?

Also if you have a ratatouille with a chicken breast that would count?

Hope someone can help - thank you

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Groovee Thu 30-Aug-18 06:05:50

It's meant to reduce your free food portions as speed fills you up. This photo is a good visual.

FATEdestiny Thu 30-Aug-18 08:07:09

The idea would be you have your omelette (with lots of pepper, mushrooms and tomatoe) folded on half your plate. And have vegetables or salad on the other half.

You then may be too full to need the strawberries and blueberries with a muller light - thus saving you calories. Or you might make a smaller omelet on the basis that you're also having vegetables/salad with it - again lowering your calorie intake.

Disclaimer: I've lost 7 stone (so far) but just by following basic healthy eating principles, not following slimming world. So I am not certain of the SW "rules", just the simple ways to increase your calorie deficit.

Stripeybum Thu 30-Aug-18 08:16:21

Groovee thank you, that photo is perfect. So the ratatouille example would work then?

Fate hi, I'm on the 100+ thread. I am totally in awe of your loss!!

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