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Put on weight, please stop me from throwing in the towel.

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cheesemumma Tue 21-Aug-18 19:44:26

I've been doing SW for 4 weeks now. First three I mostly ate Muller lights and ready meals with not much speed. Over all I lost 11.5lb. which is brilliant. This week I decided to really get my head in the game, so I really meal planned got the all cooker out, ate loads of speed, everything right. Then I got on the scales today (Tuesday- weight Thursday) and it says I've PUT ON 6lb. Why???? I had cheated loads before. It's not the scales because I've checked them with the slimming world ones. I am due to start period next week, but 6lb, when I've been good!!!! It's taking all my might to to say 'oh bugger it then' and eat a whole Victoria sponge.

Anyone had anything similar??? Please help.

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Notreadyforkidstogrowupyet Tue 21-Aug-18 19:50:10

You've done bloody brilliant well done .it's prob because you're due on shortly prob the water retention .don't give up you're doing amazing .be kind to yourself you deserve it .thinking of starting sw myself in Sept not sure what to expect though lol.

cheesemumma Tue 21-Aug-18 19:53:07

Thanks. Fingers crossed next week I'll have a huge loss. I like it because I need the accountability. See above for eating a Victoria sponge. Ita friendly and makes me think twice about eating crap. That's what I should tell myself. My choices have been so much healthier an at least I'm still 4lb less than I was before, and not gained anything! Do it.

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Notreadyforkidstogrowupyet Tue 21-Aug-18 19:58:23

I'll deffo join .I need the pressure to lose for the weekly weigh in and now the holidays are closing I'll probably eat lot better .

FATEdestiny Tue 21-Aug-18 19:58:29

Was it the same time of day as your usual weigh day time?

I don't do SW so weigh myself at home first thing in the morning. At BMI 26 (so fairly close to my healthy weight) my weight will be about 4-5lb more upon going to bed compared you as soon as I wake, but by the following morning all of that (and more, hopefully) will have gone again.

These normal daily fluctuations in weight will be much greater the bigger you are.

There's also the (TMI alert...) fact that a poo may well be a few pounds in weight (Sorry!). So if you have not 'been' for a few days, this will make a difference.

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