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Really missing Slimming World

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SlimmingMumOf1 Sat 18-Aug-18 15:54:34

I can't believe I ever thought I'd be saying this but I am really starting to miss slimming world lol! I moved over to weight watchers because slimming world wasn't working for me anymore. Even though I stuck to plan 100%, and I still lost 4 stone in a year!
Another thing that's a hinderance is that I can not afford a membership at the moment due to childcare costs and also shopping is so expensive! Does anybody else think SW is actually very expensive? I shop in Aldi! So I am going to the cheapest supermarket going.

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Groovee Sun 19-Aug-18 00:22:49

I find it expensive but then it balances out that we don't pick up so many take outs.

I do find that it's a way of life after 20 months!

meadowmeow Sun 19-Aug-18 00:29:29

£5 a week to go on some scales and eat protein/carbs/veg and sensible snacks? Yes.

tabulahrasa Sun 19-Aug-18 12:32:42

I think it can be expensive... but honestly it depends what you’re buying and having...

InfiniteSheldon Sun 19-Aug-18 21:26:28

No I spend less than I used to

raisedbyguineapigs Mon 20-Aug-18 08:16:17

If you concentrate on the veg rather than the fruit, it doesn't have to be that expensive. Eat less meat too and bulk out with lentils or pulses. I eat out less so if I take into account the packed lunches and not going into coffee shops, it's saving me money! My problem is snacking so I've cut those down. I'm going to stop buying crap for the kids too, as their sugar intake over the holidays has been frightening.

icannotthinkofauser Mon 03-Sep-18 15:49:57

I do Slimming World from home, I don't pay membership and I don't have much money so all my speed veg is big bags of frozen veg, I use pork mince instead of beef mince but am struggling with the constant topping up of fresh fruit. 1 stone down in 4 weeks so far though!

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