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Vegetarians... do you recomend SW?

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LokiBear Thu 09-Aug-18 18:03:24

Ive never tried SW. Only have 1stone to lose really. Tried WW but couldnt maintain it once they changed the points system. Im not a massive fan of eggs or quorn. Would anyone recommend SW?

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tabulahrasa Thu 09-Aug-18 21:41:52

I don’t eat meat... fruit, veg, pasta, rice, beans and pulses are all fine, soya if you prefer that over quorn as well, tofu as well.

Groovee Fri 10-Aug-18 06:19:19

My consultant is veggie and eats some amazing looking meals x

SunflowerJo08 Fri 10-Aug-18 12:36:54

I am veggie and find it really easy, all of the new cookbooks feature some really nice recipes and everything is adaptable.

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